A True Heir


“……he mustn’t know” where only a few words that Dobby heard coming from a woman with a thick Irish accent.  There was a pause while the other or others that she was addressing spoke.  Then she spoke again, but Dobby was unable to understand what was being said, be he did catch something that would send him to people who he had never thought he would see again.

“……even if he is abused he is there for his own protection” with those words Dobby, the house elf popped out of the hiding location for the Order of the Phoenix, and to the one people he knew would help. 

“Master, Free house elf Dobby is here to sees you” a small house elf said to two men sitting in a study.

“Bring him in Tippy, thank you.” One man said while the other just looked on from his chair toward the door.

“Mas…Misters Malfoy, sirs” Dobby said ringing his hands, now that he was here.  There was a chance that now that he had returned that the Malfoy’s would take away his freedom, but it had to be done.

“Dobby” Lucius said with a bit of a sneer on his face, due to the way that Dobby was dressed.  Malfoy house elves dressed almost as well as their masters, but no one seemed to understand that.

“Misters Malfoy’s, sirs; I is needing your help” Dobby said now grabbing his ears in his nervousness.

“What is it that you need from us?  Are you not in fact working at that old crackpot’s school?”  Lucius said making Draco smile just a bit.

“I is needing your help for that reason, sirs” Dobby said, looking at Lucius with huge tennis ball sized eyes, with worry and fear in his eyes.

“What” was all Lucius said because he could see how this was affecting the house elf in front of him.  It was then that Dobby told the story of being at the Orders hide out and over hearing multiple conversations about how Harry Potter was to stay at his relatives for the whole summer, and that once Harry turned 16 that the Weasley’s, Dumbledore, Remus Lupin and a fully alive Sirius Black would get access to his accounts and take money for themselves for being “there for him.”  Dobby also told about the second fiasco and about how Harry was treated at said relatives and was worried that now that they knew the escaped convict was “dead” that things would be getting worse.  Now all three Malfoy’s had looks of contempt on their faces, how could the side of the light do something so horrible to their savior?  Narcissa then spoke up; she had entered as soon as Dobby had spoken the name Harry Potter, she always did have the perfect timing.

“Draco, go and write Harry will you?  I think that it is time that he is shown that he can be loved and comforted.”  Narcissa said in a dreamy voice, which had both Draco and Lucius raising their eyebrows at her.

“What?  I am not the ice queen you know” Narcissa said before swirling her dress around and walking out of the study.  As the door closed behind her, Lucius contemplated what his wife has said, and he saw the merit in the idea now if only if he could be able to get his son to do so.  Lucius would find out that he wouldn’t have to do too much to get Draco to follow his mother’s idea.

“Dad, I’m going to go and write that letter okay?”  Draco said with a bit of a blush on his cheeks, he had developed a bit of a fancying to Harry back in fourth year during the tri-wizard tournament, it only seem too grown with each year.  Draco didn’t wait for a response he just walked quickly out of the room and up to his bedroom to see if there was anything that he would be able to give to Harry to show that he was true in his intentions.


It was a late night at #4 Privet Drive, but there was one occupant up at the current time counting down the minutes until midnight, which would make him a legal adult in the wizarding world which was 16; it would also allow him to not only use magic but also he would finally be free of the abusive people he had to call his relatives.  The young man counting down was none other than Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived.  Harry was broken out of his counting due to his Uncle Vernon stomping up the stairs and slamming the door to the room that Harry was in open.  Harry cringed at the noise and look on his uncle’s face, if there was one thing Harry was it was not stupid.  The look his uncle was currently giving him was one that would have Harry in pain for days afterwards.

“Boy!”  Harry’s uncle bellowed while Harry rolled into a ball as far away as he could get from his uncle.  Harry whimpered as his uncle advanced on him, he had to wonder what he had done to deserve this, but with the thought of his godfather’s death he seem resigned to his fate.

“Don’t try and hide” Vernon said as he stood in front of Harry with a belt in his hands.

“Uncle Vernon, please” Harry said pleading with his uncle before his beating would begin, he had just had one the day before and he was still on the mend from that one.

“I do so like it when you beg” Vernon said eyeing his nephew is lust filled eyes, he knew better than to touch the boy before he was legal but he had plans the moment the boy did turn to come right back and take what was owed to him.  Harry shuttered and knew that if he stayed after he turned 16 he was going to be in hot water, and he didn’t want his first time with anyone to be with his horribly obese uncle.  He had taken a fancy to Draco Malfoy, but he knew better than to even try to pursue the blonde God due to him being in Gryffindor and also due to the fact that Harry was certain that the blonde hated him.

“Boy!”  Vernon bellowed again bringing Harry out of his trace that he had been in when thinking about Draco.  Harry jumped and that was just the opportunity his uncle was looking for.  He grabbed for Harry’s hair and then pulled him to the bed where he tied his arms and legs to the bed while he faced down.  Harry thought that this was it; Vernon was finally going to break Harry by raping him and before his 16th birthday.  Soon strokes for the leather of the belt rained down on Harry’s back.  He bit his lips to prevent from yelling out, for he knew that if his uncle heard him he would only be punished more for disturbing both his cousin and his aunt.  As his uncle continued to rain Harry’s back with lashes, Harry bit through his lip and was now bleeding from his lip.  He knew better than to get any on the bed in a place where his uncle would know that it wasn’t from the beating.  A huff and a puff later and Vernon stopped his beating before untying him and setting him free.

“Boy clean your self up and be ready tomorrow to cook Dudley breakfast” Vernon said before slamming the door and locking it.  Harry just sat numb at what had been happening to him for his whole life.  He had always hoped that someone would take him away and when Hagrid came to pick him up at 11, he thought that his wish would come true.  It hadn’t though and Harry had to wonder if his friends and mentors where really all that they said they were, Harry was beginning to think no; but he could hope that someone somewhere would take him away.  If he wanted to really dream it would be Draco, but he knew better than to hope for something like that.  Harry turned his abused back toward the alarm clock that sat on the broken side table that Dudley had not wanted once he broke it with his weight.  Harry was shocked to see that it was 30 minutes pasted midnight and he had yet to receive a letter from his friends or even his mentor, and it made him wonder if what he had begun to think about his friends and mentor were true.  That they were only using him for his fame or for his power that he had yet to come into.  It was as Harry was about to give up hope that he noticed two owls flying his way.  Harry got off the bed a quick as possible, but hissed due to the pain.  Hedwig, who was sitting on top of the wardrobe hooted in concern over her master’s health.

“It’s okay Hedwig.  I’m leaving soon” Harry said trying to sooth his familiar.  Hedwig hooted but still kept an eye on him.  Harry opened the window as far as he could to let the owls in, one eyed the opening and then hooted as it saw the damage that was down to the recipient of the letter.  Both owls sat on the writing desk by the window and stuck out their legs so that Harry could untie them.  As soon as he untied the letter on the owl that had eyed the opening it flew off into the night.  There other stayed, waiting for a reply from Harry.  Harry opened the letter from the owl that was still present so that he wouldn’t have to worry about writing a reply later on.  On the parchment was the loopy handwriting of the headmaster of Hogwarts.


Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday, as you already know you are now of legal age in the wizarding world.  You may be thinking of leaving your aunt and uncle’s house, but I would advise you not to for you will be brought back there for your own protection.  Please heed my warning Harry, nothing good can come from you leaving your relative’s house.  I would also advise you to not try and send any letters out, either to Miss. Granger or Mr. Weasley due to the fact that they may be intercepted; also neither is allowed to write you so you will not receive any mail from them either.  Your school supplies will be at Hogwarts when you arrive.

See you September 1st

Albus Dumbledore

Headmaster for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry couldn’t believe that the headmaster of the school was now trying to dictate his life like this.  Harry could only shake his head no to the letter before setting it down and looked at the other letter that sat on the bed next to him.  He had to wonder on if Ron or Hermione had gotten a letter out and was wishing him a happy birthday, but he wasn’t going to put all his eggs in that basket.  Hermione was a stickler for rules and with out Harry there Ron wouldn’t have a chance to change Hermione’s tune.  Harry decided that if someone was willing to chance the letter getting intercepted that he would at least find out who it was.  Harry poked at the letter with his wand, before muttering a spell that would allow a person to see if the letter had any harmful spells on it.  The letter did not glow the red that would result had the letter been harmful, so Harry opened the letter but still with caution; one could never be too caution with things the that they were currently.  Inside was writing that he did not know, but when he looked at the bottom for a signature there on that piece of parchment was the name Draco Malfoy.  Harry didn’t know what to think about this, so he read the letter before making any decisions.


I know that you are surprised to be seeing a letter written by me for you, but I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.  I hope that your birthday will be a good one.  So on to why I am writing, and no it wasn’t only to wish you a Happy Birthday but for the fact that I am tired of being rivals and no longer wish to fight with you.  I want us to be able to work together without fighting, but I may have burned that candle out.  So here it is; I’m sorry for the things that I said about your mother and father and I am also sorry for insulting you.  Now Granger and Weasel I will never apologize to them, due to their behavior in general. 

I am also writing to say that I met a friend of yours; he was most worried about your wellbeing and came to us.  Now don’t think that this is some joke, because it isn’t.  I and my family are truly worried about you, I won’t write my reasons in this letter and you probably know why.  That friend of yours heard the most interesting conversation and he wants to make sure that you are indeed well, but I digress.  Are you alright?  If not this letter is a portkey to take you here, to Malfoy Manor.  I know that this may be in vain but I and my family truly do care about you, so please come if you are not being treated well.  If you do decide to come, which I hope is the case; your trunk was marked by me before you left the train.  I was planning to try and persuade you to come and stay, but with the information that I have now you must come, or least I hope.  The portkey isn’t set to go as soon as you touch it but to activate as soon as you say the word.  The word is free, because I do wish you to be free of the things that you are going through.

Hope to see you soon,

Draco Nicholas Malfoy

Harry mouth was hanging open at the words that where written on the paper.  Harry didn’t have any real friends besides Ron and Hermione that he could think of that might go to Draco.  Luna and Neville were next in line, but he was never really able to get to know the two because either Ron or Hermione would come and butt in; now that he thought about it, it was like that all the time.  With those thoughts Harry became angry, but he knew better than to do anything that may land him with an extra beating from Vernon.  It was shortly after Harry had read the letter that a bright purple and white swirling light emitted from Harry.  Harry looked at the light in amazement, before he fell unconscious.  The two lights swirled around Harry for a moment before going back into his body, soon four new lights came into fruition; green, red, blue and yellow.  The four colors began to circle Harry’s body in their own elliptical pattern.  The green circled Harry’s waist while the red circled at angle around his waist, the blue circled Harry from head to foot and the yellow also circled Harry’s waist at the opposite angle as the green.  It looked like an atom design with Harry as the nucleus and the lights as the electrons.  It was while these lights circled Harry that he began to change, his hair once short was now down to his waist and his ears once human looking took on a decidedly elven look.  Harry bodies healed slightly so that the changes could occur, his height however stayed the same.  He was the shortest boy in his year, being only 5 foot 5 inches and it only got worse with time, because it didn’t look like he was going to get that growth spur that everyone spoke about.  He might have if he didn’t live with people would starve and beat him all the time, but with the new changes his height made him look ethereal.  After the lights finished their changes each beam of light sunk into Harry’s body adding to the magical core that resided in him, it was after the lights disappeared that a Celtic knot symbol with the same colors, began to draw itself on Harry’s right inside wrist.  As the knot was finished there on Harry’s wrist was a Celtic knot with a green snake, a red gryphon, a blue raven and a yellow badger; all intertwined to create a complex Celtic knot.  Soon after the knot was completed three jagged lines appeared on Harry’s left inside wrist; in black, green and purple.  A final design that was put on Harry’s body was a red and blue fire outline with the red being the outer line and the blue being the inner line and in the center was an outline metallic gold colored double trefoil, outlined in black.  It was as the design finished that the predawn time had arrived, it had taken hours for Harry to come into his inheritance, and would prove to be a powerful inheritance in the near future.  Harry groaned from the pain on his back, before he woke to a crinkling of paper in his hand.  Harry brought the paper up and then remembered that Draco Malfoy had written and was worried for him, he also remembered the letter from Dumbledore that was threatening Harry not to leave the “safety” of his relatives protection.  Harry always wondered how he could be protected from Voldemort at the Dursley’s, when it was his mother’s love that had protected him in the first place and if there was one thing that Harry was certain about; it was that his aunt and uncle hated him.  So Harry wanted to know how the protection worked, because there was no love in this house to create the protection needed.  Harry shrugged his shoulders at the thought and bit back a scream due to the huge amount of pain from his back.  It was then that Harry decided that he was going to take Draco up on his offer, so Harry got his things from the floor board under the bed.  As he pulled out the last item that he heard his uncle Vernon lumbering to Harry’s room whistling which was never, ever a good sign.  Harry knew that this was it, he had one chance to run and it was with Draco Malfoy of all people.  As his uncle got closer he could hear his uncle Vernon rattling the keys to the locks on Harry’s room.  Harry quickly spoke to Hedwig.

“Hedwig go to Malfoy, okay?”  Harry said concerned that if he didn’t leave soon that he wouldn’t ever be able to leave.  Hedwig hooted twice while giving her master a looked that clearly said “are you mad?” and then flew out the window; Harry grabbed the empty cage along with the things he had gotten from under the floor board.  It was while uncle Vernon opened the door with an evil smirk on his face, that Harry stood stock still with his arms full of stuff and Draco’s letter in hand ready to go.  Vernon saw the stuff and knew immediately that Harry was trying to escape, and he was going to do whatever it took to keep the boy there.  So with that in mind Vernon began to approach Harry with his face turning an interesting shade of puce.

“Boy!  And just where do you think you’re going?”  Vernon bellowed at the top of his lungs, Harry was certain that the neighbors could hear it but right now that wasn’t a big concern.  Harry thought for a moment before deciding to speak.

“Uncle Vernon, I am leaving and I am going to be free” Harry said and then felt the tugging behind his navel as he was portkeyed out of the Dursley’s residence and to the home of one, Draco Malfoy.  The last thing he saw was his uncle with a stunned look on his face.  When he landed he collapsed from the pain and shear exhaustion that he felt from his time at the Dursley’s.  Harry never saw that he had made his way into Draco’s bedroom; where the portkey had been set to send him.  He also never saw the shear terror and sadness over the state of Harry’s body, on Draco’s face.  Soon after Lucius and Narcissa arrived to see Draco pick Harry up bridal style and place him gently on the bed, his eyes never leaving Harry face.

“I’ll floo Severus” Lucius said knowing that Harry needed some serious help and Severus was just the man to help.  Narcissa nodded her head and then made her way into the room.  As she got closed she could see her son tensing as if ready to attack at any moment.

“Draco” she said softly trying to stay calm, while speaking with Draco.

“Mum” Draco said turning and quickly looking at his mother’s face before going back to looking at Harry’ face and now stroking his arm.

“Draco is he your mate?”  Narcissa asked, due to the fact that both of the Malfoy adults had received the recessive gene to be a Veela and they had passed on the gene to Draco.  Draco had come into his inheritance only a month ago, and he was still having issue with controlling his new abilities.

“He is” Draco said now making the move to lay down with Harry.

“Good, he will be a good match for you.” Narcissa said and then took a seat on the chair sitting near the fireplace in the room.  When Draco heard those words, his head shot up and he looked at his mum with hope and happiness in his eyes.

“You think?”  Draco said now curling around Harry just a bit more, due to Harry moving toward the warm and Draco was more than happy to give it.

“I do, only time will tell if he is willing to accept this new bond.”  Narcissa said just as a precaution for her son.  Draco looked over Harry’s body and decided that Harry needed to be out of the horrible over large shirt and pants that he had on.

“Mum?  Can you get me some pajamas for Harry?”  Draco said starting to slowly take off the shoes and socks that where on Harry’s feet.

“Sure, which ones?”  Narcissa asked, she didn’t think that Harry was a silk or satin type of man, just like Draco and Lucius.  She always wondered why people would wear things like that, when they looked so tacky most of the time.

“The green flannel ones with the snakes on them” Draco said not looking away from his task of pulling the huge pants down off of Harry’s hips.

“Alright” Narcissa said before going over to the dresser that held the pants in question.


“Yeah” Draco said now trying to get the shirt off of Harry without hurting the other young man.  Narcissa pulled the pajamas out of the third drawer and then made her way over to the bed to set them down.  It was at this time that Lucius came into the room followed quickly by Severus Snape.  As soon as Lucius and Severus saw the state that Harry was in, they began to boil with rage; the muggles would pay and pay dearly if they had anything to say about it.  Severus regained himself quickly before walking over to the other side of the bed and getting a growl from Draco.

“Be careful that is Draco’s mate” Narcissa said proud and scare about what Draco would do if he saw Severus as a threat.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”  Severus said now approaching the two on the bed slower than before.

“I didn’t have time and you weren’t here when Draco came into his inheritance.”  Narcissa explained to Severus.  Severus nodded his head in understanding and then he finally arrived to the bed to see that Harry looked much worse up close then from far away.

“Draco” Severus called out to Draco.  Draco’s head shot up, and the once ice blue eyes now had silver swirls in them to signify that Draco was not fully there with them, but was being a Veela protecting his mate.

“Draco listen to me, I am here to help your mate” Severus said sitting on the bed on the opposite side of Harry’s prone body.  Draco tilted his head to the side and regarded the man in front with a look of fear and hope in his eyes.

“Okay” Severus said asking Draco if it was okay for him to begin work.  Draco eyes went to Harry’s face and then to Severus’ and he nodded his had in silent approval.  Severus began to unload his bag that he brought with him and began to administer potion after potion to help heal Harry’s broken body.  It was an hour later the three adults found Draco curled around Harry speaking Veela into Harry’s ear.  All three were stunned that Draco could speak Veelan, due to the fact that neither one of his parents knew the ancient language.

“Draco” Narcissa said watching her son with a smile on her face.  Draco lifted his head to show that he was listening.

“How about you go and clean him up before putting the pajamas on?”  Draco tilted his head to the side again and then scooped Harry up slowly so he wouldn’t wake his mate, and made his way to the bathroom.  As soon as the door closed behind the two a discussion began between the three adults.

“What is going on?”  Severus demanded once the door was closed and he was certain that Draco wouldn’t come back out for awhile.

“Dobby, our old house elf heard some interesting facts and decided to come to us for help.”  Lucius said already planning revenge on the muggles.

“So what did the elf tell you” Severus said as he sat down on a small couch that was in the room as well.

“Seems as if the old coot not only wants to hold information from Harry, like his godfather being alive and quite well from what Dobby has told us, but also he wants Harry as damaged as possible so that when he deems it necessary to “save” Harry the light side will look better than the dark.”  Lucius said sneering at what Dumbledore would do to keep the savior of the wizarding world under this thumb.

“What?!”  Severus said trying to keep his emotions in check, he had always known that Dumbledore was manipulative but he didn’t expect something like this.

“That was our feelings as well and now that Draco has found his mate in Harry, I plan to do whatever it takes to keep both of those bastards from Harry’s life.”  Narcissa said with a nasty smile on her face.  She always did love getting a good one over on Albus Dumbledore.

“Narcissa what are you trying to say?”  Severus asked scared at the look on Narcissa’s face while Lucius smirked looking at his wife.

“Oh I plan to do everything in our power to get Harry away from those muggles, because I have no doubt that Bumbledore will send him back there and that can’t happen.”

“Love” Lucius said looking at his wife, waiting to hear what she had to say of the plan that he could see forming in her mind.

“First things first, we *must* petition the Ministry for Harry’s care to be changed”

“And how is that going to happen” Severus asked wondering why Narcissa wasn’t at the side of the Dark Lord due to shear brilliance in planning.

“First things first, we get Harry a new guardian.”

“And how do you plan to pass off the change of guardianship of Harry?” 

“That my friend is where you come in”

“Oh no” Severus said standing up and backing away from the sitting area around a large fireplace.  All conversation stopped as Draco carried a now clean Harry back to him bed.

“Draco” Narcissa called out, wanting to know if Harry was doing any better.  Draco titled his head to the side before his eyes changed from silver swirls to the ice blue rimmed with silver that was now the standard for Draco.

“He’s going to be okay, but he is *not* going back to those muggles.” Draco said before wrapping himself around Harry.  The three adults looked on and knew that they would do everything in their power to keep the two young men together.

“I’ll do it” Severus said as they walked out of the door, so that Draco and Harry could rest and relax.

“Good, now Lucius who do you know that could take care of this pesky guardianship issue?”  Narcissa said looking at her husband for an answer.

“Johan Reich works in the hall of records and takes care of most of the “important” paper work that is filed with the Ministry.” Lucius said thinking on how he would be able to get Johan to approve the documents with out too much fuss.

The three adults were broken out of their conversation by Draco voice.

“Harry is 16, just as I am and that allows him to be an adult.  He can choose whoever he wants for a guardian, no offence Uncle Severus.”  Draco said looking at the three from the door of the bedroom.

“Why didn’t I think of that” Narcissa said while shaking her head, she had been so caught up in trying to get Harry away from the muggles that she forgot that he was 16 and there for a adult in legal terms.

“Dear” Lucius said watching as Draco walked back into the room and to his mate, he assumed.

“The guardian will just be a formality, just so Bumbledore can’t get him.”  Narcissa said as she continued to walk down the hallway and mumbling to herself about what needed to be done.  Lucius and Severus followed hoping that Narcissa would shed some light on what her plans where.  While the three adults spoke of the plan to make sure that Harry would not return to the muggles, Draco was laid around Harry’s sleeping form.

“Love” Draco cooed as he ran his hand over Harry’s now waist length hair, waking up Harry in the process.

“Uh” Harry said opening his eyes and coming face-to-face with Draco Malfoy with a smile on his face.

“Harry” Draco whispered to the other boy before he moved a bit away from Harry.

“Malfoy” Harry said and watched as a spark that was in Draco’s eyes sort of dim.

“Call me Draco”

“Only if you call me Harry and not Potter or Potty or something like that” Harry said a smile on his face, due to the way that Draco was acting toward him.


“What is going on?”  Harry asked wondering if this was all a dream and that Voldemort would come out of the woodwork with a pink tutu on.

“You ran away from those muggles you were staying with” Draco said getting angry just thinking of what those muggles had done to his mate.  With those words from Draco’s mouth, Harry remembered what had happened and paled.

“Are you alright, love?”  Draco asked putting a hand on Harry shoulder.

“He was going to rape me, I saw it in his eyes” Harry said with a glazed look on his face.

“Not going to happen” Draco said pulling Harry toward him.  Harry nodded his head in agreement before looking at Draco with a curious look.

“What is going on?  I mean I know I am at your home but why are you acting like this?”

“Harry what do you know about Veelas?”

“That they turn into bird-like creatures when angry and that they have a life mate that must be either magical or have creature blood.”  Harry said looking at Draco’s eyes and seeing the tell-tale sign in Draco’s eyes.

“You are a Veela?”  Harry asked stunned, he knew that Draco couldn’t have been 100% human with the hair color and eyes, but he never thought that he was a Veela.

“Yes, mother and father have the recessive gene and I got lucky” Draco said with a smile on his face, due to Harry not moving away from him and seemly accepting that Draco wasn’t all human.

“So that means that you need to find your mate?”  Harry asked sad that he now knew he didn’t have a chance with Draco, due to him having a mate.

“No, I have already found them” Draco said before hugging Harry closer to him.

“Oh” Harry said sounding even sadder at the idea.

“In you” Draco said hoping that Harry wasn’t sad or disgusted with being Draco’s mate.

“Me?”  Harry asked stunned.

“Yes, as soon as you arrived I felt the pull of my mate and I knew it was you.  I had hoped it was you, but I had to wait and see you first.”  Draco said with a small blush on his cheeks.

“You wanted it to be me?”

“Yes” Draco said now looking Harry in the eyes to show that he was not being untruthful to him.

“Wow” Harry said before snuggling a bit more into Draco’s arms.

“Are you okay with that?”

“Better than okay, I wanted to be your mate and for some reason I feel a pull toward you as well.  I don’t know what it is but I feel content and safe around you.”  Harry said looking at Draco to maybe shed some light on the subject.

“That might have to do with your new appearance.”

“New appearance?”  Harry asked confused, he hadn’t had time to get to the bathroom due to uncle Vernon coming to give Harry his birthday gift.

“Love you look amazing, come on” Draco said standing up and helping Harry make his way into the bathroom to look at the changes that had come with him turning 16.

“Wow” Harry said running his hands over his hair and ears and then noticing the markings that were on his wrists.

“What are these?”  Harry asked Draco hoping that he knew something about what was going on.

“I don’t know, I thought we could do some research to find out.  I have an idea on what you now are, but we need to make sure.”  Draco said walking back into the bedroom and over toward the closet to find Harry some clothes.

“Okay” Harry said following Draco and then looking at the outfit that Draco had picked out, it was just a plain pair of black slacks with a dark blue t-shirt that had a trefoil on it.

“Draco the pants won’t fit” Harry said holding up the pants and having them have 10’’ on the ground.

“I will get mother or father to shrink them for you” Draco said walking out of the room and down to the study where he knew that his mother, father and Uncle Severus had gone.

“Harry needs one of you to shrink some pants for him” Draco said by way of greeting.  Narcissa was the first one up and moving toward the room before Lucius and Severus could even respond.  Draco on the other had walked with his mother telling her of his suspicions on what Harry now was.

“So you think he is an elf?”  Narcissa asked her son.

“I don’t think he is an elf, I know he is.  He has three slash marks on his wrist, which one I know is the elven symbol; now all we need to do is figure out what clan he belongs to and what the other two slashes make him.”  Draco said before walking to the room to find Harry sitting on the bed looking at the door.  Narcissa did not get a chance to respond before Draco spoke again.

“Mum” Draco called to his mother, while pulling Harry toward her.

“Mum this is Harry, my mate” Draco said beaming at the huge smile that Harry had on his face.  Harry just couldn’t believe that Draco had said just the name Harry and not Harry Potter like Ron and Hermione did whenever they introduced either him or their selves to others.

“Harry it is nice to meet you” Narcissa said with a smile on her face, it seemed that Harry’s smile could lighten up a room.

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Malfoy” Harry said shyly, due to the fact that he had thought that the Malfoy family were snotty, rich people and that did not seem to be the case by the way that Draco and Narcissa were acting.

“Oh Harry no need to call me Mrs. Malfoy.  Narcissa, mother or mum will do just fine.”  Narcissa said with another smile toward Harry.  Harry nodded his head in agreement just as Lucius and Severus made their way into the room.  Harry froze mid-shake and just stared at the two men in front of him that he *knew* hated him with a passion.

“Harry” Lucius said trying to calm the young man down, it didn’t seem to help.

“Harry” Draco called to Harry trying to get his attention away from his father and uncle and toward him.  Harry turned his head with a questioning look on his face.

“Come on and let us finished getting dressed and then we will talk, okay?”  Draco said before pulling Harry into the bathroom and with newly shrunken clothes for Harry.  Lucius watched as his son gently guided Harry into the room and closed the door.  He had never seen his son act that way toward anyone, but he was glad to see that Draco was willing to take his own path instead of following his horrible footsteps and serving the Dark Lord.  Narcissa on the other hand once she saw that Draco wouldn’t be letting Harry out of his sight began to question Severus about Harry’s looks.

“So do you think that he can use a glamour?” 

“If what Draco’s says is true and it looks to me as if he is an elf.  There is only one way around looking the way he does now.”  Severus said thinking of the glamour that he, himself had on currently.

“Well” Narcissa said tapping her foot and hoping that Draco and Harry wouldn’t come back out before Severus explained some things.

“Look” Severus said figuring it was much easier to show what he was talking about then explaining it.  As he stood there the glamour that surrounded his body began to fall and there standing in front of Narcissa and Lucius was another elf.

“Severus!”  Narcissa said shocked that both she and her husband would miss something so important.

“Narcissa understand that I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to or something equally as stupid as to what you are thinking, but only for the fact that I belong to Vyr tribe, which is the ruling tribe of elves.”  Severus said rubbing his nose to release the tension that seemed stuck behind it.

“Are you royalty?”  Narcissa said not really knowing the elven hierarchy.

“Me personally no, my family is in the court of the royal family but we are not royalty.  We are what are call the tylaelys, which means counselors in elven.”  Severus said hoping that he would only have to explain the elven hierarchy once.  Narcissa was just about to ask another question when out came Draco and Harry.

“Harry” Draco said as he pulled his mate of the bathroom.  Harry had taken one look at this appearance and had been embarrassed that the pants they had given were a bit tighter than Harry was comfortable with.  He had begged and pleaded to have Draco change them, but Draco had said that he looked fine.  All three adults turned and were stunned by what they saw, because what they all saw about broke their hearts.  For there standing in front of them was a horrible looking Harry with a t-shirt and pants on.

“I don’t want to go out looking like this” Harry said waving his hands at his body to say that he looked horrible.

“Love the clothes are fine” Draco said not seeing anything wrong with his mate, he did look a bit rough but only time would heal the wounds that Severus hadn’t been able to.

“It’s not the clothes, my face looks like I have been beaten till the point of unconsciousness; which I have.  I am not going anywhere like this” Harry said hoping that they wouldn’t make him do anything now that he had voiced his issue about.

“But its tradition” Draco said trying to get across the importance of Harry leaving and going to Gringotts.

“Well I’m not going” Harry said crossing his arms across his chest and pouting.  The three adults now had to laugh at the way that Harry and Draco were acting, as if they had been going out for years.

“Harry just listen to me on this, for you to legally get away from those muggles you must go to Gringotts and sign the paperwork taking over the Potter’s estate.  If you don’t do that today, then the muggles have complete and total access, and if you say that they won’t know they will for Gringotts will send them an owl stating just that.  Also if you sign the paperwork stating that you are becoming the head of the line then Dumby won’t be able to place you there any longer.”  Draco could only hope that his mate would listen to him and just go to Gringotts to sign the paperwork.  It wasn’t like anyone would know it was Harry by looking at him, he looked totally unlike before and Draco was certain that the headmaster would move quickly on getting Harry back to his relatives and his money.

“What” Harry stuttered out due to not knowing that not only could the Dursleys get his money but in a round bout kind of way so could Dumbledore and that was one person he didn’t want to have his money.

“We can go and come back, we need to go and come back.  You need as much rest as possible” Draco said putting his arms around Harry’s waist and seeing what sort of response he would get.  All he really got was a flinch and then a snuggling in to the comfort being offered.  While this conversation occurred between Harry and Draco, Severus watched Harry closely.  He has seen a glimpse of the slashes on his wrist but he was not able to see all the colors to interpret what clan he was from.

“Severus” Lucius whispered to his friend, when he noticed how lost in thought Severus was.

“Lucius we have to get him away from Dumbledore as soon as possible” Severus said having a bad feeling that if they didn’t, something was going to happen.  Lucius nodded his head, before almost speaking.  Harry beat him to it.

“We’ll go and then come back.  No stopping for clothes or anything, please” Harry said shaking at the idea of all those people and the possibility of being discovered.

“Deal” Draco said guiding Harry with his arms still around his waist, down to the “floo hall” to floo to Diagon Alley.  As Harry and Draco lead the group Narcissa and Lucius were already planning the bonding for Harry and Draco, they didn’t want to pressure the two but marrying your only child to an amazing person like Harry was even better.  Severus on the other hand was thinking of any elves that he knew that had; had children and lost their child.  He seemed to be coming up blank, but he would check and see just in case.

“What are you doing, we go together” pulled Severus out of his pensive thoughts.

“The Weasley’s said you had to go alone” Harry said looking at Draco as if he had lost his mind.

“No, you can floo two people.  How do you think mothers get their small children to the Alley?”  Draco said with a smirk that had amusement written all over it.  Harry stood there stunned until he started to become angry for being lied to yet again.

“Love don’t worry about it, you have us now and that is what counts.”  Draco said pulling Harry with him into the fireplace.

“Diagon Alley” Draco stated before putting his arms around Harry as tight as can be, not wanting to lose Harry on their first trip out.  Once everyone had arrived, the group made a beeline for Gringotts what they saw inside about made them want to hex someone or some ones.

“We have access, Albus Dumbledore said we do” a woman’s voice stated in a superior tone.  The others with her all nodded their head in agreement.

“I am sorry Matriarch Weasley, but you do not have any sort of access to the Potter vaults.”  A goblin said sneering at the group in front of him, they had already stated this same thing five times already but they still didn’t seem to understand that they were not allowed in the vaults.

“I want you to call Albus Dumbledore and see that he has given permission” Mrs. Weasley stated smug that Albus would back her up on this.

“Fine” the goblin said before making his way over to the fireplace behind the desk and called the headmaster of Hogwarts.  After a brief conversation the goblin came back with a smug look on his face, not only had his superior been involved but the person who could access the vaults had denied any claims that the headmaster or anyone else had on the vaults in question.

“See” Mrs. Weasley said knowing that Albus had told the goblin what to do.

“Matriarch Weasley, it is my duty to inform you that you do not have access to any vaults bearing the Potter last name but you also are being reported to the Ministry for taking money from vaults that were not in your possession.”  Oh the goblin just loved his part of his job.

“What?!”  Molly Weasley yelled drawing the attention of all present.

“I am assuming you heard me just fine, in lue of that both you Matriarch and Patriarch Weasley must pay back all monies owed to the Potter’s estate.”

“I will do no such thing” Molly said wondering what in the world was going on.

“Matriarch Weasley you have no choice in the matter, you either do it or plan to spend three month in Azkaban as well as paying the money back.”  All present with Molly were stunned and amazed that something like this was happening.  Albus had called them all in and stated that Harry was now 16 and he had taken full control of the Potter’s estate as stated in their will, what they didn’t seem to realize was that Dumbledore had no will and had no control over the vaults.  He had always taken liberties and now it was coming back to haunt all those that had taken from him.

“Arthur go and get Albus here” Molly said still certain that the thing in front of her way wrong.

“Right away” Arthur said making his way over to the local floo and asking Dumbledore to come on through to Gringotts to get this vault business sorted out.

“What seems to be the problem” Albus Dumbledore said with his eye twinkling due to him thinking that he would be able to bend the wills of the goblins.

“It seems that you have been accessing the Potter’s estate vaults and had no permission to do so.  You have now given access to vaults you have no access to and it seems that the group is a bit confused on what is going on.”  The goblin had gotten backup when Arthur had gone and flooed Dumbledore.

“I don’t think I quite understand”

“I think you do” an older goblin said coming from the back area where he had been working with another client.

“I’m must say that I am sorry and I do not” Dumbledore said getting angry at the goblins in front of him.

“Patriarch Dumbledore, you are to pay restitution to the Potter’s estate to the sum of 5 million galleons.”  When most heard the number they gasped, they had only been given a small amount of the money that the Potter’s had, while all this time the headmaster had been collecting a much heftier sum.

“I was given that” the headmaster said hoping that the Weasley’s wouldn’t demand a higher amount than they had agreed upon.

“No you were not, we were left strict instructions on what to do with the Potter’s estate should the current Matriarch and Patriarch not survive.  No where in our instructions were we hand you any money, so you must now pay it back.”

“This is ridiculous” the headmaster said trying but failing to not snap at the goblin, he was just about to speak when he heard Ron yelling across the foyer.

“Malfoy who’s the girl?”  When there was no response forth coming, the headmaster made his way over to the Malfoy family with Severus and what looked to be a black haired young woman by her height in tow.

“Headmaster” Severus and Draco said while neither of the older Malfoy’s and Harry said anything.

“Mr. Malfoy what a pleasure to see you here” the headmaster said trying to find a way to gain access to the Potter’s estate vaults, and thinking that Lucius Malfoy may be able to help.

“I’m sure” Lucius said eyeing the old man in front of him and wondering on what he was going to try.

“I’m in need of some legal advice” the headmaster said wondering on if he could take the answer that Lucius gave him and make the goblins give his access to the vaults.  When Lucius heard those words he knew that he had to tread carefully, due to him being a law wizard for the ministry hence why most Death Eater would get off for their crimes.

“I may give you some, but I am not at this time serving the Ministry as their representative” Lucius said making sure that the goblins knew that his advice would not stand up in court, if it came to that.

“Mr. Malfoy no need to state that” the headmaster said angry that Lucius had stated what he had.  It would make it much harder to take to court if Lucius had stated that his advice was strictly his own and not the Ministry’s.

“It seems that the goblins have been misinformed and have shut off all access to vaults that I should have rights to.  Is there a way to bypass this?”  Dumbledore said hoping that Lucius would know something about getting passed the goblins rules.

“If you were never granted access to begin with and you took money, then you must replace all that was taken.  That is the law, if there a will stating otherwise then so be it but due to it not sounding like there was a willing that all parties know about then there is nothing that you can do.  Now you can produce the will and then the ministry will file a copy and Gringotts will have to abide by the instruction, but if there is no will the holder of the estate becomes next of kin.”  Lucius said knowing that he had just backed the headmaster into a corner.

“Fine” the headmaster almost snarled, before perking up at an idea he had just had.

“Headmaster” Hermione said in her usual superior tone, Harry had to wonder how he even put up with the people in front of him for they were back-stabbing, attention seeking people.

“We will just need to explain to Harry the importance of someone else holding the estate” the headmaster said seeing the smiles on all their faces at the idea he had just stated.  He knew that if he used the right words that he would have total control of the entire Potter’s estate and that would be a very good thing.  After he spoke Harry lifted his head which proved to be a bad idea for Ron Weasley when he saw the state that Harry’s face was in.

“Had to beat her to stay with you?”  Ron yelled at Draco before coming over and pushing Draco away from Harry.

“Weasel why don’t you keep your mouth shut about things you have no idea about” Draco said trying to remain calm for Harry.

“Malfoy” Ron said before cut off by Severus.

“Mr. Weasley it would do you well to remember your place” Ron sputtered at the words, and was dragged away by Hermione with loathing written all over his face.

“Severus that was not necessary” the headmaster said his eyes twinkling like mad now that he had an idea on how to get a hold of the money in the Potter’s vaults.

“Headmaster” Severus didn’t get to finish his response before Lucius spoke.

“We are leaving” after that was said Draco followed behind his father with his arms still wrapped around Harry’s waist, Narcissa followed after the boys and then Severus just spun around and left without a good bye.

~While Weasley’s are out in the front lobby~

Harry and Draco were greeted by a goblin that had on a green overcoat and pinstriped black pants.


“Harry Potter would like to receive his estate” Lucius stated in a formal tone.

“Mr. Potter” the goblin said his tone becoming much more welcoming then it was a minute ago.

“Hi” Harry said shyly now that they were in at Gringotts.

“Follow me, there is plenty of work to be done for the transfer” the goblin said as he guided the group to the back offices that were set up for high profile families that dealt with the bank.

“Have a seat” the goblin said gesturing to the open seats before leaving and making his way over to his supervisor for the paperwork for the transfer.

“Alright there love” Draco said sitting as close as possible to Harry while still in different chairs.  Harry started to nod his head yes but stopped and shook his head no.  Once Draco saw that he picked up Harry and placed him in his lap.  All three adults were stunned that Harry was allowing Draco to be so protective of him, so early after his abuse from his relatives.  The goblin returned a few minutes later with his supervisor in tow.

“Mr. Potter”

“Yes” Harry said his voice low and gravely due to Vernon chocking him to the point that his voice had changed.  Draco shivered at Harry’s voice, due to the sexual quality to it.  He was a sucker for deep, gravely voices just like any human being was prone to.

“My name is Juna and I am the current estate supervisor” the goblin stated looking not present at all.  Harry nodded his head that he understood and soon the goblin was reading a very, very long parchment of all the holdings and monies in the Potter’s estate vaults.  As the goblin finished up a line in the holdings caught everyone’s attention.

“Voli Casia Bastaer Vyraes on the 16th year of your birth, you will be fully accepted into the elven world.” 

“What” everyone in the room said, while Severus had a look of shock on his face; Draco noticed right away and asked.


“Not here” Severus said looking at Harry with more respect than he had before they left the manor.  Draco nodded his head and held onto Harry a bit tighter.

“I like Casia, love” Draco whispered into Harry’s ear as the goblin set out quills, ink pots and parchment to complete the inheritance transfer.

“Now Mr. Potter if you would kindly sign here and here; this will transfer the Vyraes estate vaults to you.”  Harry looked confused for a moment before asking his question.

“I thought that I was getting the Potter’s estate vaults?”

“The Potter’s of the wizarding world still have possession of their vaults; no these are of the elven Potter’s.”  Juna said wondering on what was going on.

“But I am a wizarding Potter” Harry said trying to understand what was going on.

“You were born of Lily and James Potter correct?”  Juna said now ready to sit down and hash out why Harry was getting something that he shouldn’t by all rights be getting.


“Well born on July 31, 1980 to Lily Potter nee Evans and James Potter at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies was one female named Natalie Lily Potter and one male named Harry James Potter.” Juna said reading off the birth report from St. Mungo’s.

“I’m a twin?”  Harry said shocked that he never knew he had a family out there that wasn’t the Dursley’s.

“It would see so” Juna said reading over another parchment and wondering what in the wizarding world was going on.

“It would also seem as if one Natalie Potter, James Potter and Lily Potter nee Evans are still alive and living at 10 Godric Hollow.”

“They’re alive” Harry said getting more and more angry and sad at the news that was coming to light.

“It would see so; it would also seem that James Potter is the child of Marae and Casoryl Vyraes; while Lily Potter nee Evans is the child of Tasyr and Ail Aelal.”  Juna said his face taking on a decidedly confused look.  When Juna had spoken the names of both James and Lily’s parents, Severus paled.

“Severus” Narcissa said looking at Severus in concern.

“The king and queen” Severus kept saying under his breath, he was standing in the room with the crowned prince of the elves and also the prince of the Jhol clan.”

“Severus” Lucius said pulling Severus out of his thoughts.

“Care to share” Lucius said smirking at his friend.

“He’s the prince” Severus said bowing to the seated Harry.

“Sir” Harry said tapping Severus’ shoulder.

“My prince” Severus said looking at Harry with sadness in his eyes.  He had been so horrible to the boy, and he wouldn’t be surprised if once in the elven world he would be killed for his crime.

“Sir” Harry said again now getting out of Draco’s lap with much protest from the blonde.

“My prince, please accept my humble apologies” Severus said not even looking at Harry.

“Sir, stop” Harry said now raising his voice high enough that Severus could hear him.

“But My Prince” Severus said ready to begin his apology again.

“No apology needed” Harry said touching Severus’ cheek and then sitting back done.

“Thank you My Prince” Severus said grateful that Harry had forgiven him.

“What the hell” Draco said growling due to not having Harry’s attention.

“Son” Lucius warned, his son may be a Veela but he must allow for Harry to be his own person, which just happen to be the Crowned Prince of the elven race.  Draco calmed with the command and waited for an explanation.

“My Prince is there anything I can do for you” Severus said hoping that he would be able to stay in his prince’s good humor.

“Could you contact my grandparents” Harry said wondering on if they were even alive.

“Immediately” Severus said standing and making his way to the door.

“Not now” Harry said from his perch on Draco’s lap once again.  Severus nodded and made his way over to protect his Crowned Prince.

“Let us continue” Juna said now understanding what was going on.

“It would seem that both of your parents are elves if you haven’t figured that out by now, what is the interesting part, is that both of your parents were stripped of their elven titles, memories and blood and made into wizards and witches.  It would seem that should one of the offspring prove worthy they would become the Crowned Prince or Princess of the Elven world, so it would see Mr….Crowned Prince Casia that you were deemed worthy.”  Juna said now smiling at the look of amazement on Harry’s face.

“Wow” Harry said snuggling in a bit more to Draco.

“Indeed” Juna said before continuing on with the end of the story.

“So when you reached your 16th year of birth you received not only the three vaults from the wizarding Potter’s but also all of the elven vaults for the Vyraes.”  The people in the room could only stare in amazement and shock over what had just happened.

“So what were the Weasley family talking about a vault that they had access to?”  Harry said now wanting to know if he had ever really been a friend of the Weasley’s and Hermione.

“Well it would seem that in the three Potter vaults that you were given is well over 20,000,000 galleons.  When the supposed “death” of your family occurred the control of those vaults went to the next of kin which was you, but since you were a minor at the time a advisor was named for you and that would have been Alice Longbottom, when she became incapacitated the vaults went untouched until just a few years ago when Albus Dumbledore began accessing the vaults.”

“How did he do that” Harry said wondering on how far this deception went.

“It would seem that he made a case with the Ministry that you needed access to your money and due to Matriarch Longbottom incapacitation he wanted to become advisor.  The Ministry felt that no such thing was needed but gave Patriarch Dumbledore limited access to the vaults with limited withdrawing privileges.”  Juna said and he wondered on if the headmaster of Hogwarts would make it to the end of the year with the looks on all the people’s faces.

“How much did he take?”

“He alone took 5 million galleons” Juna said shaking a bit in fear with the look that Severus hand on his face.

“I want it back” Harry stated in a cool voice.

“It shall be done” Juna said writing a note to check on the status of Dumbledore’s vault.

“I want all access deny for all except the people in this room” Harry said thinking of the betrayal that had just been found out.

“It shall be done” Juna said now writing on a parchment the legal aspect of the transaction.  After about 15 more minutes the group left the room in semi-high spirits now that they had gotten everything taken care of.  It was when they reached the lobby that they heard the voice of Ron Weasley.

“Who’s the girl Malfoy?”  To say that Draco was angry was an understatement.  He was just about to retort after his first batch of words when Harry squeezed Draco just a bit tighter.  He didn’t want Draco flying off and hexing Ron just for something so petty, they would have time later to pay them back.  After the brief conversation with Dumbledore, the group made its way out of the bank and to the Alley where Harry seemed to be soaking in the sun.

“Happy” Draco whispered as Harry’s face was titled toward the sun.

“Yeah” Harry sighed just a bit before being dragged toward a small stand that had flowers on it.

“What’s your favorite flower love” Draco said looking at all of the flowers and wondering on what Harry would pick.  Harry began to blush at the thought of Draco buying his flowers.

“Love” Draco said smiling at the blush on Harry’s face.

“Orchids, tulips and lilies” Harry said looking at said flowers and grinning like a loon.

“You heard him” Draco snapped at the attendant at the stand due to them staring at Harry, even with the bruises he looked amazing and he wasn’t going to let this lowly boy gain the attention of his love.  After a few minutes of waiting Draco was given a huge bouquet of flowers that were for Harry.

“Love” Draco said handing the flowers to Harry and then laughing when Harry began to blush.  The adults watched on in amusement before deciding that Harry needed to get home to rest.

“Ready?”  Severus said becoming the bodyguard for Harry.

“Yeah” Harry said looking at the others waiting to see disappointment, he was surprised when all he saw was agreement on what Severus had said.  The group made their way to the Leaky Cauldron to floo back to the manor; they were met once again by the Weasley’s.

“Malfoy” Ron called out again, but this time Severus stepped up to stop any sort of confrontations that would upset his prince.

‘Mr. Weasley you will cease and desist this silly feud while on holiday.  If you continue to harass one of my students I will be forced to give you a dentition at the beginning of school.”

“You can’t do that” Hermione said now standing behind Ron and stating in a know-it-all tone that she was known for.

“I can’t?”  Severus said raising an eyebrow to see if she really thought she knew more than Severus did on the school’s regulations.

“The headmaster won’t allow it, because we’re Harry Potter’s friends” Hermione said puffing out her chest at the mention of Harry’s name.

“What if Potter quit being your friend?”  Draco said after Harry whispered the question in his ear.  Harry was curios to see what they would say then and if the headmaster would have something to say about whom Harry was friends with.

“That won’t ever happen” Hermione said and Ron looked on smug in the knowledge that he was Harry’s only friend besides Hermione.

“And why is that Ms. Granger” Severus said now wondering what went on in the Order meetings after he was dismissed.

“The headmaster will make sure that we are always there for Harry” just as Hermione finished her words the headmaster came strolling in frowning at the scene in front of him.

“Headmaster” Mrs. Weasley said about ready to tell Dumbledore that the Malfoy’s and Snape were threatening her children and Hermione.  Severus spoke for the headmaster could even begin to question what was going on.

“Silly girl, check the company you are in before you speak” Hermione had the decency to look ashamed before puffing up once again before talking.

“I can take care of myself; I have been training since I was a first year.”

“And once again you have opened your mouth in possibly the wrong company, good day” Severus said before swirling his robe around him and making his way to the floo to open the connection.  With that the Malfoy’s and Harry all left with Severus standing by the floo connection sneering at the Order that stood in the Leaky Cauldron.

“Severus, I want you in my office tomorrow morning” the headmaster said in a cool voice, he was not going to allow his spy to become too out of control.  Little did he know that he wouldn’t be seeing Severus again for a few months.  Severus arrived to Harry lying on the ground looking as if he was about to empty the contents of his stomach on the floor.

“My Prince” Severus said dropping to his knees smoothly and swiftly.

“Just landed badly” Harry said pulling himself together a bit before attempting to stand.

“Oh no” Draco said picking him up and making his way to his bedroom with Severus in tow.

“Draco I’m fine, just a bit dizzy” Harry said and at that moment his stomach began to growl due to him not eating for four days.

“Love, the last time you ate was?” Draco said once he had placed Harry back in bed with pajamas on.

“Oh about four days ago” Harry said and then flinched when both Draco and Severus began swearing in their native tongue, that being Elven and Veelan.

“Four days” Narcissa said from her perch next to her husband on the couch.

“Well you didn’t think my relatives would feed me” Harry stated it wasn’t a question just a fact of Harry Potter’s life.  Draco snapped his fingers twice, and a second later a house elf showed up dressed in an elegant tea towel.

“Young master called”

“A light lunch if you could” Draco said now sitting again the headboard of the bed with Harry’s head in his lap.

“Right away sir and serving location”

“Here” Draco said before getting looked at twice by the house elf.  Never in the history of the current Malfoy’s would they take any sort of meal in their rooms.  The house elf looked to the master and mistress of the house for approval and they nodded their heads.  With the approval of the master and mistress the house elf popped out and began to make the group lunch.  Two minutes later had four house elves popping in and laying out the lunch in the room, one particular house elf made his way over to Harry to have a look.  Once he was close enough he began to scrutinize Harry and then dropped to his knee immediately.

“My Prince” the house elf said before the entire contingent of house elves stopped what they were doing and dropped to their knees along with Severus as well.

“I hate that” Harry mumbled before making them get back up.

“Stand up”

“No my prince, we have not given you a proper welcome” Harry just sighed while Draco giggled at bit at the time that Harry was having with the elves.

“Sir” Harry said calling to Severus.

“My Prince” Severus said standing and making his way over to Harry.

 “Is there any way to stop them from doing this?”

“Not until you tell them to stop”

“I did”

“I know that but you must formally tell them that, just tell them that their welcome has been received with open arms.  That should stop them”

“Your welcome has been received with open arms” Harry said thinking he sounded like a complete idiot for what he had just said.

“Thank you my prince” the head house elf said before going back to work.

“How do they know these things?”  Harry asked Severus.

“You have the royalty marking on your forehead just like all royalty does” Severus said titling his head to the side and now noticing that in the place of the marking the famous lightening bolt scar was gone and it its place was a claw from a predator bird.  As soon as Harry had heard the words be ran his had down his forehead to not feeling the lightening bolt shape.

“How” Harry said looking for answers.

“My belief is that Dumbledore gave you the scar to cover his tracks for some reason now that you are an elf the glamour or whatever spell he used became void.”  Severus said wondering on if what the goblin had said was true about the Potter’s still being alive and with at least one child.  Harry just nodded his head in agreement, he had no doubt that Dumbledore had done it now but he could only wish that his life wouldn’t be half as crazy as it seems to be.  The rest of the summer passed in much the same fashion with the exception of Severus leaving the next morning to go back to the elven world to call on Harry’s grandparents.  It was the last day of freedom for both Harry and Draco, and they were taking full advantage of it.  They were lying around a pool soaking in the sun, Draco’s usually pale complexion had taken a decidedly browner tone and Harry had said that he like it like that so they spent every moment they could outdoors.  It was while they were lying that a small looking dragon made a landing next to Harry.

“Love” Draco said going into battle mode due to the animal by his mate.

“Draco its okay, it has a letter” Harry said taking the letter off the dragon and petting it.  Draco growled at it and the animal growled in return.

“Both of you quit it, be nice” Harry said before opening the letter and not paying attention to either Draco or the dragon.

“What’s it say” Draco asked after a moment, he hated to have his mate angry with him so he was the one that usually broke first.

“Seems my mother’s family is not happy about the lack of announcement of my birth and feel that it is their obligation to teach me the ways of the elves before I botch it up completely” Harry said looking confused at the parchment in front of him.

“Let me see” Draco said taking the parchment out of Harry’s hands and sighing in frustration due to the letter being in elven.

“You can read this” Draco said holding up the letter.

“Sure, can’t you”

“No, it’s in elven”


“Oh do you want some water or anything” Harry asked the dragon that had some how made its way to his lap.  The dragon looked up and nodded his head.

“Such a nice dragon just like another I know” Harry said giggling and making his way over to the table that sat next to the pool currently empty except for a pitcher of cool water.

“Here you go” Harry said putting a bowl of water on the surface and then calling a house elf.

“How is Tippy serving the Crowned Prince Casia today?”

“Can you get this dragon some food” Harry said showing the house elf the dragon before it popped away.  Draco made his way over and noticed that the dragon seemed to be in really bad shape.

“Is it okay” Draco said worried by the look on Harry’s face.

“No it isn’t” Harry said his blood boiling due to the treatment that animal in front of him received.

“What are you going to do about it love?”

“Keep him” with those words the dragon looked up with hope shining in his eyes.

“You’re going to keep a dragon”

“Sure, this is the full size and I am the boy-who-lived I would hope to get away with something” Harry said petting the small head of the dragon.

“You love are a beautiful person inside and out” Draco said wrapping his arms about Harry’s waist and holding on to him for a few minutes before another dragon flew in.

“How many of these things are there” Draco said eyeing this one a bit more than the other.

“Draco” Harry said taking the note and reading this one before having a smile on his face.


“It seems my father’s family is a much happier bunch and are working with Professor Snape to come to Hogwarts for the year”

“So both of your grandparents are alive and never thought to check up on you?”

“Remember Draco that they wouldn’t know about me because James and Lily Potter gave up their rights as elves, so they would have no way to know.”  Harry said wanting to defend his father’s family, they at least seemed much better than his mother’s family.

“Love if they hurt you” Draco said leaving the sentence unfinished for both boys knew what Draco would do to any one that would hurt his mate.

“It will be fine Draco” Harry said before going back to petting the unhealthy dragon’s head.

“What shall we call you” Harry asked the dragon hoping any sort of insight.

“How about Oli” Harry said before stepping back a bit to give the dragon room.

“I think he likes it love” Draco said if the sort of dancing dragon was any indication.

“You think” Harry said with amusement in his eyes.

“That I do” Draco said before kissing the temple of Harry’s head.

“We go back tomorrow” Harry said in a quiet whisper, he didn’t want to go back to Hogwarts and put on the mask of the Boy-who-lived he instead wanted to spend time with his mate and be happy.

“I know but father has been working on getting us to stay together.  He is after all on the Board of Governors” Draco said smirk on his face due to how much power his father seemed to have over people.

“If you’re sure” Harry said before breaking free of Draco’s hold and making his way over to the pool.

“I am always sure” Draco said before pushing in mate in the water and then jumping in himself.

“Draco!” Harry yelled before trying to catch Draco as he swam around the pool.  That is what Narcissa, Lucius and Severus walked into.

“Boys” Narcissa said looking around and noticing the two dragons lying on the table asleep.  Severus noticed where her gaze was and a smile lit up his face when he saw Marae’s personal dragon here already.

“Good” Severus said before making his way over to the dragons and noticing the other wasn’t in the best of shape.  

“Sorry excuse for elves” Severus said as he pulled out some potions to give the dragon that looked like death warmed over.

“We come bearing news” Lucius said while Narcissa took a seat in the shade.

“Dad” Draco said pulling Harry into his grasp.

“I have gotten the governors to agree to allow for you Draco to have private rooms with your mate.  I didn’t state that said mate was Harry, but they will realize that soon enough.  It also seems that a new student will be enrolling at Hogwarts this year, and they seem bound and determined that they are your mate.”  Lucius still couldn’t figure out who would have more pull over the board then he did, but he figured he would find out soon enough.  The four turned to Severus once he joined the party.

“I have been in contact with the King and Queen of the elves and they are quite excited to meet you.  They are not on the other hand excited to be staying any where near the headmaster.  I am actually happy to be serving my queen and king again and look forward to all the havoc you all plan to do” Severus said looking at the innocent face of the prince.

“I would do no such thing” Harry said before laughing and splashing Severus just a bit.  The rest of the day was spent lazing about and getting things ready for Hogwarts.

            The morning of September first found Harry and Draco standing at platform Nine and Three Quarters looking around for any Order members before getting on the train.  Once on they snuggled down for the ride, but were interrupted by Luna Lovegood strolling in with Neville Longbottom following behind.

“Hey guys” Harry said sitting up right and making Draco protest.

“Harry” Luna said in a dreamy voice that never seemed to change.

“Luna how was your summer” Harry watched as Neville’s face became very red.

“Neville care to share” Harry said before laughing and telling both that he was happy they had gotten together.  It was after that the compartment door opened and in walked Ron, Hermione and a girl that looked like a mixture of James and Lily Potter.

“Luna, Neville what are you doing with ferret face and his girlfriend?”  Ron said trying to sound like a leader that he wasn’t.  One of the girls made a face at those words, but kept her mouth shut. 

“We can’t sit here” Luna said not turning away from Harry and the new appearance that he had.

“No” Ron said going over and getting ready to grab her.

“Don’t you touch her” Neville said now standing up ready to defend his girlfriend, he may have not been the strongest wizard out there but he would damned if Ron would push him around.

“Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you” Ron said spinning around and leaving the compartment with the two girls in tow.

“Who was that girl with them” Harry asked the two.

“Natalie Potter back from the dead or hiding.  Ron has been going on about it since he got on the train which is why we came to find you.  Did you know both of your parents are alive and you have a sister?”

“Sure did, had to take going to Gringotts Bank but I do know.”

“And the look” Luna said now curious on how this all related.

“Came into my inheritance and now I am the Crowned Prince Casia” Harry said and watched as Luna’s look went to one of dreamy to one of amazement.  He had never seen Luna’s face look anything but dreamy.

“You are the Crowned Prince, and let me guess Draco’s here mate” Neville said looking at the way that Harry and Draco sat close together.

“Got in one” Harry said smiling due to the easy acceptance from Luna and Neville.

“Well Natalie Potter is not going to be a happy witch; it seems she just knows that she is Draco’s mate.  We had to listen to her spout on and on about how she was going to become Mrs. Malfoy and join the Potter and Malfoy lines.”

“There will be a merge just not with that witch” Draco said pulling Harry closer to him for the long train ride back to Hogwarts.  Hours later the Hogwarts train pulled into the station and students began to disembark; at the front of those were Ron, Hermione and now Natalie Potter.  They noticed a large group of people standing at the station and Natalie figured that they were there for her.

“Look reporters” Natalie said pointing to the group standing off to the side with Professor Snape next to them.

“Are you sure” Ron said wondering on why Snape would be close to reporters.

“I can ask my parents” Natalie said just as James and Lily Potter got off the train and made their way over to where Natalie stood.

“Mum, dad who are they” Natalie said pointing yet again to the group that stood off to the side of the station.

“I’m not sure, I think we may have to ask the headmaster” James said wondering on how news had gotten out so fast about the entire Potter family being alive.

“So they aren’t reporters?”

“I don’t think so, dear” Lily said guiding her daughter and newest friends to a horseless carriage.  As soon as the door closed Natalie started to whine about Draco and his “girlfriend”, needless to say that Potters were not a happy family once they arrived to the Great Hall of Hogwarts.  Meanwhile back on the platform, Draco, Harry, Luna and Neville stood and looked around for Ron and Hermione.  They were lucky they left before the group got off the train, as soon as Severus saw Harry he made his way with the other following over to Harry.

“My Prince” Severus said bowing and standing a bit out of the way.  Just after he spoke Harry was attacked by an older woman with black as night hair with two white streaks running through it.

“Don’t touch” Draco growled due to not knowing who these people were and whether or not they were a threat to his mate.

“Oh sorry dear” the woman said in a melodious voice that put Draco a bit at ease.

“Marae Vyraes and this here is my husband and mate Casoryl Vyraes” the woman said with a smile on her face.

“Grandmamma and Grandpappa” Harry said before making his way over to his Grandmamma and hugging her.

“We missed you” she said tears in her eyes now that she saw her grandson that she thought she would never be able to see.  She hadn’t known that her son had reproduced with that slut, but it seemed he did and Harry was a result of it.  What she didn’t expect was the beauty that was her grandson; she knew that if he hadn’t found a mate in Draco that he would be hounded day and night by all unmated Elves.

“Shall we make our way to the castle?”  She asked as she still had her arm around her grandson.  Harry nodded his head and made his way over to Draco, Luna and Neville before making their way to a horseless carriage.  Each group taking a different carriage to arrive at the Great Hall in, they were the second to last carriage to arrived and when the four exited the carriage they were met by the headmaster, deputy headmistress, Ron, Hermione, Natalie, Lily and James Potter. 

“That’s her” Natalie said pointing to Harry and sobbing.

“Mr. Malfoy” the headmaster said coming over to pull Draco and Harry apart.

“What do you think you are doing?”  Draco said holding on to Harry as tight as possible.

“Natalie has stated that she is your mate” the headmaster said eyes twinkling now that he had the Malfoy family on the side of the light.

“I must say I don’t think so” Draco said before whispering into Harry’s ear to calm him down.

“Mr. Malfoy un-hand that young woman now” the headmaster’s voice got a few degrees cooler.

“No” Draco did not need to say anymore before the group that was on the station platform made their way up to where the other group stood.

“Stay away from my grandson and his mate” the woman from before spoke as she made her way closer to the group with the rest following in her wake. 

“And you are” James said sneering at the woman in front of him.

“Ah James not so good to see you” Marae said before standing toe-to-toe with Dumbledore.

“And you might be whom” the headmaster said not at all happy about what was going on here.

“Marae Vyraes, if you must know” Marae said before making her way over to Draco and Harry.

“Are you alright?”

“Fine grandmamma” Harry whispered trying to not draw attention to him self.

“He’s mine!”  Natalie screeched before running over to Draco and Harry and beginning to grab Harry.

“Touch him and you die” Draco said growling at the idiot standing in front of him.

“I’m your mate, you won’t do a thing” she said in a haughty voice.

“Try me” Draco said his voice lowering just a bit to make Harry shiver.  With those words Natalie stopped what she was doing and wondered on if Draco really would attack her.

“Honey come here” Lily said in a shaky voice, due to hearing the words that Draco spoke to her daughter.

“Oh look he married her” Marae said in a sing-songy voice.

“Who are you” Dumbledore cut in.

“Are you hard of hearing old man” Marae said looking at Dumbledore as if he had a second head.

“I am the headmaster of this school and you will answer me” Harry could only shake with laughter due to his grandmamma being so rude to the headmaster.

“Think she will crack him” Draco said eyeing the scene before kissing the side of Harry’s neck where a marking was growing.

“Yeah” Harry breathed out before he saw his sister make her way over toward them again.

“Sheeeeee’ssssss baaaaaaack” Harry said backing up just a bit so that it would make it harder for her to grab him.

“Don’t touch him” Natalie said yet again with a screeching quality to it.

“I wonder if she is a screech owl in animal form” Harry mused out loud.

“How dare you” Natalie said before stomping over to the headmaster, where he seemed to be having little luck with Marae.

“I will only ask you this one more time, what are you doing here”

“Headmaster” Natalie cut in only to be pushed out of the way by the headmaster.

“Do you treat all your students like that” Marae said humor in her voice at the way that the old man in front of her way acting.

“That is not your concern”

“It is when my grandson is in attendance of this school”

“Who is your grandson” Dumbledore said wondering on how things got so badly so quickly.

“Draco’s mate of course” Marae said pointing to the two and then waving.

“Natalie Potter is Draco Malfoy’s mate” the headmaster said smug now that he knew something she did not.

“You might want to tell the Veela that” she said pointing to where Draco was sucking on the side of Harry’s neck making the marking darker.

“Stop!” Natalie and the headmaster yelled.  Draco looked up and smirked before going back to sucking on Harry’s neck.

“You lose old man, now let us in” Marae said pushing the old man out of the way and making her way into the Great Hall followed by her husband and then the boys, Neville, Luna and Severus.  Once they were seated at a separate table people began to notice that there was no Harry Potter present.  Whispers began to break out and soon the headmaster stood to address the students.

“As you can see some changes have occurred this summer here at Hogwarts.”  Most of the students began to speculate just what had happened and if it had anything to do with why Harry Potter wasn’t at the Gryffindor table or anywhere in sight.

“I would like to introduce to you James and Lily Potter and their daughter Natalie” Dumbledore said while the three stood and smiled.

“You may have noticed that Harry Potter is not present, but do not worry he shall arrive later tonight”

“Bull” Draco, Harry and Marae as well as the other said sitting at the table drawing the attention from the headmaster to them.

“Excuse me” the headmaster said in a nice grandfatherly voice.

“I said bull, Harry Potter is very much here” Draco said with Marae and Severus standing up with Harry at Draco’s side.

“Where’s Harry” Ron said standing up playing the best friend role.

“If you don’t know, I’m not telling” Draco said smirking at the people before asking Harry something.

“Sure?”  Harry nodded his head yes and then began to speak.

“Headmaster, I’m right here where I have been all summer next to my mate” Harry said his voice low and gravely, and it was making more than half the population at Hogwarts swoon.

“Harry” the headmaster said shocked and then angry that Harry had gone against his wishes and left the Dursley’s house.

“You will meet me up in my office now” the headmaster said before summing up his speech and making his way out of the Great Hall.

“Any one coming” Harry said before he started to walk off.  He wasn’t going in there alone, so he hoped that not only Draco would come but his Grandmamma.

“You know it” all of the people said at the table as they made to follow Harry.  Just as Harry got to the doors of the Great Hall, Ron and Hermione came running up to Harry.

“Harry what’s going on?”  Hermione demanded for the both of them.

“Nothing you need to worry about” Harry said putting his hands on the door and pushing them open.

“We’re your best friends, why won’t you tell us” Hermione said getting her water works going.

“Just stop” Harry said before leaving with Draco right behind him.  After everyone left both Ron and Hermione followed wondering on why Harry was with Malfoy, when his twin was the boy’s mate; which was written by fate in a prophesy.

“Come in” the headmaster said once Harry knocked on the door.  He was surprised to see not only Draco but also the rest of the group including his own spy Severus Snape come up as well.

“There was no need for that” the headmaster said gesturing to the group.

“No?  So those people standing by you were not necessary either” Harry said pointing out the old man’s flawed logic.

“Harry” the headmaster said trying to find a way to get Harry alone.  Harry continued to stand until one of the people standing besides the headmaster spoke.

“Why are you stealing your sister’s mate?”

“I don’t have a sister” Harry said because as far as he knew he was not related to the wizarding world Potter’s

“Yes you do” James said coming over to his son and was about to punish Harry for his words.

“No I don’t, I also have two dead parents as stated by the headmaster and the rest of the wizarding world.”  Harry said cocking his head to the side and noticing that Natalie was inching over toward Draco.

“Harry it was all a cover” the headmaster said now certain that once Harry had most of the details that he would play nice with his family.

“Good to know” Harry said before turning to Natalie and giving her a piece of his mind.

“Leave. Him. Alone!”

“He’s mine!”  She screeched again.

“And how do you figure” Harry said wondering on how one person could be so certain about something that they have no control over.

“Because I’m the Girl-Who-Lived” Natalie stated as if most knew what she was saying.

“Hmmm funny, I was told that I was the Boy-Who-Lived” Harry said really wondering on what the headmaster was playing at here.

“It’s a lie to protect me” Natalie whipping out her wand and waving it around like she knew what she was doing.  Draco stood behind his mate and whispered into his ear.

“She does realized that what she is doing is going to cause lots of pain for her”

“Nah” Harry said titling his head to side so that Draco could suck on his neck.

“Stop it!” Natalie said before pointing her wand at Harry and shouting:

“Stupefy” unfortunately her aim was a bit off and it bounced off one of the whirling items in the headmaster’s office.

“Terrible aim” Draco said before going back to sucking on Harry’s neck for a few more moments.

“Daddy” Natalie said with tears in her eyes, she had been told since she was little that Draco Malfoy and herself where to be married when she turned 17.

“Draco Malfoy” James said coming over to the two and pushing Harry away from Draco, once out of his grasp Harry was dragged over to where Dumbledore stood with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Now Harry” Dumbledore said in a slightly disapproving manner.

“Don’t” Harry said struggling against the people who were holding him.

“Touch me and die” Harry heard Draco say before Marae and Severus stepped in.

“You will unhand my grandson and you will place him back with his mate”

“I will do no such thing, because Mr. Potter is not Mr. Malfoy’s mate.”  The headmaster said to the woman thinking he had gotten control of the situation.  Natalie was slowly making her way over to Draco by swaying her hips in a less that flattering manner.

“You look like a fat cow” Draco said to her while he stood with his arms across his chest.

“Daddy” Natalie whined before moving closer to Draco.

“Come any closer and you will wish you stayed in hiding” Draco said now watching as his mate struggled against the two people holding him.

“But I’m your mate” Natalie said as she now stood in front of Draco.

“On what planet, my mate is standing over there and *his* name is Harry Potter” Draco said finally having enough of playing nice for these idiots.  With that thought he pushed the two other Potters out of his way and made his way over to his mate, just in time to see one of the people holding Harry curse him.  With that all hell broke loose.

“Die” Draco said lunging for the person and landing on top of them.  He than began to choke the person.

“Mr. Malfoy” the headmaster said trying to get control of the situation again, it wasn’t working.

“Draco” Harry said faintly due to the curse still being in affect.

“Love” Draco said as he scrambled over to where Harry was laying with blood flowing from a large cut on his side.

“They will pay” Draco said before picking Harry up and leaving the room with the Elven contingent and Severus with them.

“Severus” the headmaster called out, but the other man did not listen.  As the door closed all those present began to question the headmaster.

“What the hell is going on?”  James and Lily said while looking at the teary eyed daughter.

“It would seem that Mr. Malfoy has chosen a different mate than expected”

“Expected?  You said it was Natalie!”  Lily said now angry that her baby girl wouldn’t be the wife of a Veela.

“Things like this are not written in stone, I told you there was a chance it could be someone else” the headmaster said weary with the events of tonight.

“And Harry?”  The two other people asked about.

“Remus, Sirius; we can not allow Harry to continue on the path he is currently, if that means that we are to take him away from Mr. Malfoy then so be it.  If that means that we have to send him back to the Dursley’s then so be it, but he must learn his place.”

“Who were those people?”

“Honestly I don’t know”

“What are we going to do?”

“First we get Harry away from Mr. Malfoy”

“Does that mean I can be his mate then” Natalie said still trying to find away into the blonde’s world as his mate.

“We shall see” the headmaster said already planning out the school year for Harry.  All three Potter smiled before saying goodbye and making their way to their private chambers.

Draco arrived to the dungeons of the castle with Harry in his arms and tears running down his face.

“Love” Draco kept saying over and over again.

“In here Draco” Severus said opening the private chambers that Lucius had worked to get for them.

“Put him on the bed” Severus said already in medi-wizard mode.  All the others stood in the common area and paced while Draco, Severus and Harry were in the bedroom.  Soon the door opened and Severus came out with a smile on his face, his prince could always make him laugh.

“He’ll be fine, but we must find a way to keep the two together for I know they won’t hesitate to split them up for their needs.”  Severus said bowing to the king and queen before they ran in to see how their grandson was doing.

“Draco” Harry said when he noticed his grandparents were in the room.

“What love” Draco said sucking on Harry’s neck while lying on top of him.

“We have company”

“Don’t care” Draco said before continue to mark the skin.

“When will you be done young Veela?” Marae asked with humor in her voice.  She knew that all Veelas had a period where all they would do is suck on their mate’s neck effectively marking their mate for life.

“Tomorrow” Draco said now sucking even more now that he realized that tomorrow would end the period of marking.

“When shall you bond?”  Draco was going to respond but Harry beat him to it.

“As soon as possible”


“Draco they are going to take me away from you, I can’t let that happen and there is only one way to stay with you”  Draco smiled and hopped off the bed to firecall his parents about the good news.  If he knew his parents they would be here later tonight and by mid-afternoon tomorrow Harry and Draco would be bonded and nothing that anyone could do could break them apart.

“Excellent Casia” Marae said before sitting on the side of the bed and watched her grandson as he watched his mate.

“You love him” Marae stated to Harry.

“I do, I never thought I would but he is such an amazing person that it was hard not to fall” Harry said a faint smile on his face at how Draco and the Malfoy’s had treated him all summer.  At first he had thought it was all some huge joke, but the more he spent with Draco and the Malfoy’s the more began to believe that things were real.  Both grandson and grandmamma sat in silence until Draco came back with a huge smile on his face.

“Mom about burst when she heard the news”

“So are they coming” Harry said smiling at the happiness on Draco’s face.

“Of course, everything is to be hush, hush so mom and dad are going to stay in Hogsmeade and the ceremony will occur where ever you want” Draco said pulling Harry up and swinging him around.

“What about bonding bands?”

“Oh sounds like we need to go shopping” Draco said looking over to Marae for understanding.

“Draco” Harry said before laughing and dancing around the room like a loon.

“Can I tell Neville and Luna?”

“Of course” Marae said thinking that the two would be perfect elves to welcome into the clan.

“Oli” Harry called out and soon a small dragon came swooping in chirping at Harry.

“Cut it out Oli, I got a task for you” Harry wrote two quick notes to Neville and Luna and soon Oli was out dropping off the letters.

“Wonder how much power I have with these elves” Harry said before calling for the one house elf he knew he could count on.

“Dobby” there was soon a pop and there stood Dobby.

“Dobby the house elf”

“Dobby I know who you are”

“Harry Potter, sir!”  Dobby said shocked at the way that Harry looked.

“Dobby can you make more room here for Neville and Luna?”

“Dobby do anything that Harry Potter sir asks of him, yes he does” Dobby said excited to be helping Harry once again.

“Thanks Dobby” Harry said before getting a bit closer to Dobby to whisper in his ear.

“Dobby will you be my house elf”

“Dobby is loving to be Mister Harry Potter’s house elf”

“Good” Harry said with Marae following quickly behind, she could see that the elf was loyal to her grandson and he would need that in the future.  Soon Neville and Luna arrived with confusion on their faces.

“What’s going on” Neville said looking at the people from before.

“Draco and I are bonding tomorrow and I want you both to be in it”

“Why” Luna said in a dreamy voice that made Neville smile goofily.

“Because I know that the headmaster will do everything in his power to get me away from Draco and Natalie in his arms instead.”

“Good luck on that” Neville said remembering what Hermione and Ron were talking about before he left.

“Weasley and Granger were talking about you”

“What about”

“Well it seems that you being with Draco has cut into some plan that had you marrying Ginny”

“No” Draco said hugging Harry closer.

“Well I’m not marrying anyone besides Draco.”  Harry said titling his head to the side knowing that Draco needed to suck on his mark to calm himself.

“Why does he do that” Neville said not wanting to sound rude but interested.

“Veelas mark their mates by a mark on their neck.  There is a one week period when all the Veela will do is suck on their mate’s neck to mark them for life.”  Luna said while Draco sucked on Harry’s neck and Harry made weird squeaking noises.

“Draco” Harry said after a few more moments, he could tell that Luna and Neville had more questions.

“Why is our stuff here” Neville said pointing to their unpacked trunks.

“Well I wanted you all to be safe, because once they find out that you were there they won’t be happy with you” Harry said looking down at his hands.

“Wow” Neville said pulling Luna to him and kissing her now that he was able to do so in the open.

“You’ll stay”

“Oh of course Harry” Luna said for both of them.

“Good” Draco said before the trunks disappeared and soon they were being pushed to bed.

“Separate beds” Marae said with a smile on her face.

“Can’t” Draco said looking at the older woman trying to make her understand why.


“Harry had nightmares and I will not allow my mate to have nightmares”

“Fine, but you two different rooms” Neville turned beet red and ran into his room before slamming the door.

“Silly goose” Luna said before strolling into her room and closing the door.

“Kyr bol” Marae said before going into the room where her husband was waiting for her.

“Good night” Draco and Harry said heading to the last door that was open.

“Ours” Draco said looking around and seeing that it looked just like his room at the manor.

“Ours” Harry said before making his way to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

“Good thing tomorrow is a Saturday, or we would be in for a tough fight missing classes” Draco said once both were settled into bed.  The next morning dawned with the entire Malfoy-Vyraes chamber in a buzz.

“Draco” Harry called as he was being dragged by Luna to the main door.

“Go with her, we can’t buy our rings together” Draco said taking Neville with him.

“I get Harry” Casoryl said due to him not spending much time with his grandson.

“No fair” Marae said with a smile on her face.  She hadn’t seen her husband so happy in years, the excommunication of James was a blow but he seemed to be coming back with the welcoming of Harry.  All six walked out with a Severus Snape running to caught up.

“You could have waited” Severus said pouting, which in and of its self was amazing.

“We are on a tight schedule” Marae said sounding prim and proper.

“Yeah right” Severus said rolling his eyes and standing close to Harry.  For some reason he seemed to be overly protective of the younger man and he couldn’t for the life of him figure out why.  Marae on the other hand knew it seemed the Severus Snape of the tylaelys clan had formed a parent bond with the young man.

“Severus” Marae said once they were outside and in Hogsmeade.

“My Queen”

“Oh quit it” Marae said humor lacing her voice.

“What can I do for you Marae?”

“You do know that you have formed a parent bond to Casia?”  With Marae’s words Severus’ face paled.  He didn’t want to think about what would happen should anyone find out.

“He must not know”

“Severus he thinks of you as a father, let him have it”

“But, but”

“Your sputtering is getting you nowhere, now go over there and ask him if he would like a parent bond.”  Severus nodded his head and made his way over to where Draco stood behind Harry sucking on his neck one last time before leaving Harry in the company of Luna and Harry’s grandpappa.

“My Prince” Severus said nervous about what he was going to ask.  Luna and Neville saw this was important and made their way over to where Marae was watching with humor in her eyes.

“Sir, call me Harry or Casia” 

“Casia” Severus said trying to not say ‘my prince’ any longer if Harry was going to be his son.  Draco stopped sucking to listen to what his uncle had to say to Harry.

“Marae has pointed out to me that I think of you as more than a student or even a friend” When Severus said those words Draco began to growl so he finished as quickly as he could to calm the Veela.

“I think of you as a son that I have never had”

“Really” Harry said hope coloring his words.

“I do, and so I was wondering if you would be willing to become my son”

“Really” was all Harry could say.

“Yes, really” Severus said laughing when Harry launched himself at Severus.


“Then the ceremony will take place before the bonding ceremony that way I can give you away.” 

“Thank you…..s….”  Harry was uncertain on what to call Severus now.

“Please call me dad or father” Severus said hoping that he would choose dad for it made him happier.

“Dad” Harry said shyly before being picked up and spun around by Severus.

“Why do people do that to me” Harry grumbled under his breath.  Just because he was short didn’t mean people could pick him up and spin him around all the bloody time, it made him dizzy.

“Because we love you” Draco and Severus said before laughing and making their way over to where Marae, Neville, Luna and Casoryl stood with smiles on their faces.

“Went well” Marae said before getting a nod from both Harry and Severus.  Once the details of the parent bonding were settled both groups broke up once again with Severus now with Harry and Luna and Casoryl.  The trip was a huge success with everyone having little issues with the shop owners.  It was 2 PM when everyone met up at a small creek that traveled from the Dark Forest.

“I come here to think” Harry said once everyone was in position for the first ceremony.  Twenty minutes later a happy Harry and Severus were named father and son, while Neville and Luna were welcomed into the elven world.  The next ceremony also went off with out a hitch, most were worried that the residents of Hogwarts would come looking for the group when they did not show up to breakfast or lunch, and they were right for as soon as they made it onto Hogwarts grounds the headmaster along with the Potters and the Minister of Magic were standing in front of them.

“Where have you been” the headmaster asked the group.

“Off the grounds” Marae answered before eyeing the short balding man that was Cornelius Fudge.

“Cornelius” the headmaster said pushing the fat man in front of the group.

“Mister Harry Potter you are hereby expelled for Hogwarts and under arrest for the tampering of a Veela’s mate” Everyone in the group that had just seen the wedding and bonding laughed.

“What is so funny” James asked wondering why the people in front of him made him so angry.

“A little too late and there was no tampering going on.  If there was any it was coming from that twit over there” Severus said now protecting his son.

“Severus” the headmaster said, but Severus acted as if he hadn’t heard.

“My son is now married to his Veela mate, Draco Malfoy” Severus said proud of his some and godson.

“What?!”  Everyone who was not at the ceremony yelled.

“I don’t think any of you are hard of hearing, so I won’t repeat myself” Severus said standing by his son for protection.  Harry looked to Severus with a smile on his face before turning and looking at the group that he had thought was his family since he arrived to the wizarding world.

“My office now!”  Dumbledore demanded before the contingent that was with him followed behind.  Severus just shook his head and wondered how they were going to get Casia and Draco away so that they could complete the bond.

“We can’t go up there” Draco said holding his mate, worried that they would find away to break the bond and make him bond to that twist Natalie Potter.

“Then we shall not follow the headmaster’s instructions” Marae said making her way to the castle doors with everyone following in her wake.  If she believed that they would be semi-safe in the castle to complete the bond then they believed.  The group arrived to Casia’s and Draco’s chambers and was met by four people in one painting.  There were two women and two men.

“Greeting Great heir” one of the men said to Harry.

“Oh hello” Harry said wondering on what they meant by ‘great heir’.

“The headmaster is looking for you” one of the women said with a smile on her face.

“Well he can stuff it” Harry said wanting to get inside the chamber so that the headmaster couldn’t have a chance to break them apart.

“Welcome” the other man said, opening the door to the chamber.

“Thank you” Harry said before waving and running in with Draco hot on his heels.  He could feel his mate’s desire and he didn’t want his father and grandparents to witness the completion of the bond.  Once both Draco and Harry were in their room the door was magically closed and silencing charms were thrown up by the castle, but neither Harry nor Draco noticed because they were too busy with each other.

“Bed now love” Draco managed to get out through heated kisses that he laid on Harry’s neck where the taug (Icelandic bond) mark was.  Harry just nodded his head and some how shimmied his way up Draco’s tall form.  Draco carried Harry to the bed before falling on top of his mate, love and now husband.

“Naked” Draco gasped out as Harry managed to find a spot that made Draco even harder than he was before.  With a wave of Harry’s hand the clothes on their bodies melted away.  Draco soon attacked his mate, due to the fact that they may have spent together but due to Veelan and Elven law they were not allowed to do anything more than kissing.  It had been hard for them, but they knew that if they waited it would be all the more amazing and so far they were thinking they were right.  Draco soon began to place kisses on Harry taught stomach and smiled when his love gasped and arched into the contact.

“More” Harry said wanting, no needing more contact with his mate and love.  He was terrified of what was to happen, but was confident that Draco knew what to do.  Draco chuckled at Harry’s demand and decided to give into his small love for he knew that sooner or later his love would be carrying their child.  He just hoped that it didn’t occur now, during the war.  For he knew either side would use their child to gain power over the other.

“Stop thinking” Harry said feeling his mate thinking about something.

“You know me too well” Draco said before going back to playing Harry’s body like an instrument.  Draco soon had Harry gasping in surprise when he placed a slick finger on Harry’s hole.

“Love” Draco said calming his mate down, he could see the fear in his face and he wanted to kill every person that had made his mate fear loving touch.

“Draco” Harry said with tears gathering in his eyes.  He so wanted this, but the look on his uncle’s face before he left kept flashing before his face.

“Love” Draco said stopping what he was doing, and pulling Harry into his arms.

“I so want this” Harry said before sobbing and curling into the warm that his husband was supplying.

“What’s wrong” Draco said carding his hair through Harry’s long hair.

“I see his face” Harry said looking at his husband for understanding.  Draco was confused for a moment before he remembered when Harry arrived to Malfoy Manor and that he was certain his uncle was going to rape him before he left.

“He’s not here love, and I won’t hurt you.  Do you want to stop?”  Draco said pulling away just a bit to look into Harry’s eyes.

“I know he isn’t here but I see his face and I just get freaked out.”  Harry said feeling better already and wanting Draco to do more to his body.

“Make me yours” Harry said feeling like a true cornball for what he had just said.

“Your wish is my command” Draco said before lying Harry down and rolling on top of his with a kiss.  Harry quietly moaned into the kiss for he knew now that this was it.  Sooner than both thought Draco had place the same finger now re-slicked at Harry’s entrance.

“Ready?” Draco said this time looking at the passion and loved filled eyes of Harry.

“Ready” Harry said before kissing Draco and then lying back.  Draco pushed the finger into the entrance making Harry’s body tighten around the intrusion.

“Relax” Draco said rubbing Harry’s stomach with soothing circles.  Harry nodded his head and blew out a breath.  After a look of calm took over Harry’s face Draco began to move the finger until he hit a small knot, once he grazed it Harry jerked his hips and let out a screech due to the pleasure.

“Good” Draco said with a smirk on his face.

“More” Harry demanded now moving his hip to get more contact for the knot.

“Happy to” Draco said before pulling out the one finger and placing two in the entrance now.  After what felt like hours of preparation Draco was finally able to enter his husband and mate for the first time.

“Aaaaah” Draco said and the muscles of Harry’s hole constricted around his cock.  Harry just giggled before moaning due to Draco rotating his hips a bit and moving his cock in the process. 

“Do that again” Harry said moving his hip while waiting for Draco to move his.  Soon both were lost in passion and moaning and yelling out each other’s name, until Draco reached his peak.

“Casia” Draco yelled as he emptied himself into his husband’s body. 

“Draco” Harry yelled at the same time as Draco.  Both of the boys fell asleep immediately never noticing the bright silver light that surrounded them.  Two hours later had Draco waking up to look at his sleeping husband.

“Min Hjerte” Draco said before kissing Harry to wake him up.

“Hmmm” Harry said opening his eyes to meet Draco’s face with a huge smile on his face.

“What time is it?”  Harry said stretching like a cat and making Draco hard in the process.

“I’m not sure.  Tempus” Draco said waving his hand in the air for the time to show up.  When it did show it showed that they had been in their room for two hours.

“Ready to face your family?”  Draco said smiling at the blush on his mate’s face.  Harry nodded before getting out of bed and making his way into the bathroom.

“Coming?”  Harry through over his shoulder as he made his way into the bathroom.

“Not yet, but I’m on my way” Draco said hopping out of the bed and following Harry into the bathroom.  30 minutes later had Draco and Harry with huge smiles on their faces as they opened to the door and made their way into the common room of the suite.

“So how did it go” Marae asked wanting to see her grandson blush, she was not disappointed.

“Grandmamma!” Harry said before laughing and dragging Draco over to a painting that had the four from before there.

“Hello” Harry said sitting in Draco’s lap in front of the painting.

“Great heir” a woman with long brown hair and dressed in blue said.

“What is this heir business” Harry said wondering if the people in the painting knew anything about his elven heritage.

“Well a long time ago when us four founders of Hogwarts began building and teaching here….”

“You’re a founder” Draco burst in.

“Draco” Harry said slapping Draco on his arm that was around his waist.

“Yes, I am a founder.  I am Lady Rowena Ravenclaw”

“Ravenclaw” Draco said with a sort of dreamy look on his face.

“Never mind him, please continue” Harry said shaking his head at Draco.

“Well as we got older and none of us had married and produced offspring, we decided that the castle would hold our magic and choose an heir worthy of our powers.  I have seen the latest headmaster try and tap into the powers, but due to you turning 16 and the castle having picked you once you arrived at age 11 he was unsuccessful in his attempts.  Dumbledore has been trying time and again to tap into the magic, but was not successful.  Even to this day he tries to tap into them, but the castle has shut off all access to him due to finding you worthy of our powers.”

“Wow!  Why does stuff like this always happen to me?”

“Because you are beautiful and powerful and my mate” Draco said coming out of his stupor of speaking with the founders of Hogwarts.

“Draco” Harry said blushing a bit at the words that came from Draco’s mouth, even after all these months he felt like this was all one huge cosmic joke and it was going to all coming crashing down on him but it wasn’t and there were now others on his side to make sure that it didn’t come crashing down.

“And who might this be” Lady Ravenclaw asked with a humor filled smile on her face.

“Lady Ravenclaw meet my husband and mate Draco Malfoy” Harry said hoping that Draco wouldn’t do something to embarrass him with.

“Pleasure” Lady Ravenclaw saw as Draco nodded his head in greeting.

“Oh just a moment” the woman said before disappearing from the frame.  Harry and Draco sat in the chair waiting for her return, and when she did she came with the other three.  All three had scowls on their faces and were muttering.

“That meddling old crackpot” said a man with long black hair and violet eyes.

“Um” Harry said wondering on if he should interrupt.

“Company” a woman with blonde locks said with a dreamy look on her face.

“Hufflepuff, shut up” the black haired man said, angry at the headmaster for what he was trying to do.

“Heir” Lady Ravenclaw said to Harry.

“Oh call me Harry or Casia, I do much prefer Casia” Harry said sitting up a bit on Draco’s lap and making the Veela moan.

“Heir Casia it will be then” a man with brown hair and green eyes said.

“Can I ask what has you all so mad?”

“That meddling crackpot that’s who” the black haired man said again.

“The headmaster?”

“Of course the headmaster”

“Well what did he do?”

“He seems to think that since he is headmaster, he can demand the castle find you both.  It will not happen and he had enough nerve to call upon the Founder’s Rights to find you.”  The man with brown hair said.

“What’s the Founder’s Rights?”  Harry asked worried that some how the headmaster would find them and break them up.

“The Founder’s Rights are privileges that each and every headmaster has the right to use in case of a dire situation.  It basically over rides the castle’s powers but only with the Founder’s find it acceptable.”

“So did you give him permission?”

“Of course not, he was not happy with us but there is nothing he can do while you are in this castle.”

“So why’s the fool trying to access the powers” Draco said kissing his mate’s neck due to the urge to make love to Harry grew.

“Well to find you of course, but to also find a way to get you two separated.  He wanted the castle to put up a barrier between you two until things could be “settled”.  Settled my ass” the black haired man said.  Before anyone could say anymore, the dreamy look on the blonde haired woman’s face before became glazed and clouded.

“The time approaches that the True Heir shall balance or sway the scale of light and dark.  Born of parent’s who rebelled, the True Heir shall be reborn for rebellion.  Grey clouds form around the light of day and the dark of night, the True Heir will defeat the darkness and light and the grey clouds shall prevail.  The True Heir shall rise!”  With those words the blonde woman came back to herself and looked around.

“Not another one” she griped as she stomped off to another painting by Neville and the dazed Luna to pout.

“Does she do that often” Harry said shaken by the words that she spoke.

“Unfortunately yes” Lady Ravenclaw said with a sad smile on her face, due to understanding the prophesy that was just spoken.

“Oh” Harry said shocked.

“You do know it is about you?”

“I sort of had that guess.  What did she mean by the grey clouds?”

“I think she meant that you won’t fight the dark for the light and you won’t fight the light for the dark, you fight for you and those you love and that makes you grey.  Or at least I think that it what it meant.”

“Can you ever keep that mouth of your shut” the brown haired man said.

“Gryffindor go away” both Lady Ravenclaw and the black haired man said.

“I’m a founder just like the rest of you”

“Yeah and yet you are siding with the headmaster of locating Heir Casia.” 

“He is the headmaster”

“No he isn’t, you are looking at him”

“What” Draco and Harry squeaked and that drew the attention of the rest of the room.

“Well once you accept that is” Lady Ravenclaw amended.

“Care to explain” Draco said feeling the tension in his mate’s body and wanted to calm him down.

“Well since he is our heir, once he accepts our powers he becomes the owner of Hogwarts.  Hogwarts is a sentient thing and chooses who and what goes on in the castle, and castle chose you and that means that you are worthy of the title of headmaster as well as owner of Hogwarts.”

“I don’t buy it” Harry said sitting back in his husband’s lap.

“Well if you accept you can go to the Ministry Hall of Records and you will be listed on the deed to the castle and your line will be holders once you die.”

“So you are telling me that I can kick the headmaster out of his position and do what I want as long as the castle approves?”

“Well essentially yes, but you must be careful the castle does not like when you don’t follow the rules.” 

“I don’t plan on doing something horrible” Harry said serious now that he believed the founders.

“So will you formally accept our powers” Lady Ravenclaw said with the other three founders and Harry’s family around him.

“I, Casia Bastaer Vyraes Snape Malfoy also known as Harry James Potter-Snape-Malfoy; crowned prince of the elven world do hereby formally accept the magics bestowed upon me by the Hogwart’s founders” Harry said while standing up and hoping that his little acceptance vow was alright.  With Harry’s final words a huge power surge occurred around the castle and with a rumble everything went back to normal.  The only person that was truly worried outside of the room was Albus Dumbledore.  Harry was on the grounding shaking as the magic melded into his body; Draco had tears running down his cheeks as his mate shook with power.

“Casia!”  Draco screamed as Harry continued to shake.  A few minutes later after a settling of the castle occurred; Harry opened his eyes to see that of his husband.


“Casia!” Draco said before placing butterfly kisses all over Harry’s face.

“I’m okay, but shaken up”

“To bed you go” Draco said picking up Harry and making their way to their bedroom.

“Draco, I’m fine”

“No” both Severus and Draco said moving toward the bedroom.  Harry just sighed and closed his eyes due to knowing he wasn’t going to win.  Two hours later a refreshed Harry and a smiling Draco entered the common room.

“Bad news” Neville said pointing to a portrait that had the going ons at Hogwarts.

“What’s going on” Harry said watching the painting pictures follow around the headmaster as he spoke to the Minister of Magic about something.

“I think they are planning something and it involves you and Draco.  They keep gesturing to that Natalie twit but since I can’t read lips well, I don’t know what is being said.”  Neville said sad that he couldn’t help out more.  Just as they were about to get closer to the painting, Severus stormed in with his robe billowing behind him as it was apt to do.

“Dad” Harry said hoping for some sort of good news.

“That…..that crackpot old fool is going to arrest you for tampering with the bond between Natalie Potter and Draco.  They are going to send you to Azkaban and your own real parents did nothing to stop them.”  Severus said livid when the old man had said that Harry would have to be arrested until such time that the bond could be tested for legitimacy.

“I can’t go there, there are dementors” Harry said now shaking at the idea of having dementors surrounding him.

“Love we will do everything in our power to keep you where you belong and that is at my side and your family’s side, let’s fire call dad and see what he has to say.  He may be able to stop this.”  Draco said fire calling his father from the common room fireplace.  After he broke the connection he couldn’t help but smile at the look on his father’s face when he told him what the Minister of Magic was about to do.

“So” Harry said worried as well as all other present.

“Dad is going to advise the Minister that arresting a 16 year old on charges that are not Azkaban sentenced that he should tread very carefully on what he does.” 

“What if they send me” Harry said not wanting to believe something like that, but wanting to be ready.

“Then he is going to represent you.  He knows that Fudge will try and make dad represent the Ministry, because he is the best law wizard in the British Isles.”  Harry looked at the confident Draco and began to believe that things would turn out alright.

“I sure hope so” Harry said before deciding that it was time to quit hiding and face what was going to happen.

“Where you are going love?”  Draco asked a determined faced Harry.

“To find out what charges they are putting against me and to fight them.”  Harry said before he walked out of the room and into the hallway of Hogwarts soon after he was out of the room everyone made a scramble to follow him out and down to where the headmaster was holding court.

“Headmaster” Harry said standing in front the group by the headmaster.

“Harry, I thought I told you I wanted to speak to you in my office” the headmaster said his tone disapproving of Harry not listening to him.

“Albus” the Minister said indicating whether he should proceed or not.  Dumbledore nodded his head and watched as his perfectly laid out plan went back into effect.

“Harry Potter you are hereby arrested for the tampering of a Veela bond.  You will be held at Azkaban until such time that the supposed “bond” can be confirmed or denied.  You have a right to a law wizard or one will be provided for you.”  The minister said happy to finally get Harry Potter out of his hair.

“Do you understand the items that I told you?”  Harry could only nod his head yes in response.

“Do you need a law wizard?”  The minister said feeling confident that they would win the case, because he would make sure that Lucius was put on the case; so they couldn’t lose.

“No, Mr. Vyraes-Malfoy will not need a law wizard” another voice said, everyone turned around and came face-to-face with Lucius Malfoy; snake cane and all.

“Mr. Malfoy, you can’t represent him” the minister said in a pompous air.

“I can and I will” Lucius said raising his eyebrows to see if the minister was going to test how far Lucius would go for his family.

“But you are to represent us!”  The minister said now worried that arresting Harry would be a bad idea. 

“Minister!” the headmaster said trying to move the proceedings along so that he could move on in his plan.

“Headmaster, stop” the minister said in a panic, he had to stop the arrest but he couldn’t do it here with the headmaster watching him.  So instead he titled his head the side door that he would take Harry out of and work out a deal, or he could hope to work out a deal.

“What are you waiting for Cornelius?”  The headmaster asked wondering on why the Minister was stalling for time.

“Albus, I think further investigation is needed before an arrest is made” the Minister said trying to placate two parties.

“Arrest him!”  Natalie Potter yelled and both her father and mother nodded their head in agreement.

“I must say” the Minister said ruffled that another Potter was making his like miserable.

“Cornelius” the headmaster said again and all the while Harry and his family just stood there and took it all in.

“Mr. Potter, sorry for the confusion we will be in contact about the legitimacy of the bond that you have with Mr. Malfoy” the Minister said before turning tail and speed walking out of the Great Hall.

“My office now!”  The headmaster said turning and making his way with Harry, his family and the Potters entourage following in his wake.

“Jigglypuff” the headmaster said before making his way up the stairs and into his office.  He was not happy and he was going to do something about it.

“Sit” the headmaster commanded Harry and the others in the office and he made his way over to his desk to sit down.

“Get away from him!”  Natalie Potter said as he watched Harry sit next to Draco and with their hands interlinked.

“Harry, please let go of Mr. Malfoy’s hand” the headmaster said trying to get some control of the situation.

“No” Harry said moving his chair so that Draco’s shoulder was now in contact with his.  The headmaster just sighed and began to speak to Harry and all that were there.

“Harry, you must stop these games that you are playing with Draco.  You have taken his mate away from him and forced a bond, how could you do this?”  The headmaster said hoping that playing the grandfatherly card would work.

“I didn’t “take” anything away from anybody.  Draco and I are mates, get over it and further more why should I listen to you when you lied about my family being alive, and then sent me to the Dursley’s.  You knew what would happen there and yet you sent me.  How dare you even think you have a right or a say in my life.”  Harry said standing up and getting angrier at the words that the headmaster spoke to him.  As Harry fumed objects began to shake and rattle.

“Casia calm down” Draco said now standing and trying to calm his mate.  Harry didn’t seem to hear his mate so the objects began to shake more.

“Casia! Control it!”  Draco said before waiting and seeing if Harry heard him.  He didn’t so Draco moved to calm his mate.  Draco latched onto the taug that had been created.

“No!” Natalie yelled before running over and pushing Draco off of Harry.

“You twit!”  Draco yelled before trying to make his way over to his mate. 

“Casia” Draco called again trying to break Harry out of the power trance that he was in.  He had them in the summer at the manor but not quite this powerful.

“Harry Potter!”  The headmaster yelled not liking that Harry was slowly destroying his office.

“Do something!”  Lily and James called as they covered their daughter from the flying pieces that circled the room as she screeched in fear.  The headmaster decided to test out a spell that he had read about recently that would drain someone of their magic and life force.

“Ein genommen zu werden Leben.  Eine abgelassen zu werden Seele.”  The headmaster said before waving his wand hoping that the spell would work.  As an orange light emitted from the headmaster’s wand pointed at Draco, Harry made the move to make sure his mate wasn’t hit.  He got there just in time for as Harry pushed Draco out of the way the light zoomed past Draco’s ear.  Draco and Harry watched as the orange light hit a silver object that was swirling around the room.

“What are you doing?”  Harry yelled before hauling Draco up and screaming at the headmaster at the same time.

“If Natalie Potter isn’t Mr. Malfoy’s mate, than no one will have Mr. Malfoy” the headmaster said aiming again to try and hit Draco with the curse again.

“No” Natalie said while Lily and James Potter made their way over to the headmaster and talk some sense into him.

“Come” Draco said before hauling his mate of the office.  He wasn’t going to stand there and let the headmaster try to kill either himself or his mate.  Harry was dragged by Draco to their chambers, Harry followed with a dazed look on his face due to him being the power surge still.  Severus and Marae stood in the office stunned; they had never seen anything like what Harry had just displayed.

“Severus and where do you think you are going?”  The headmaster said with a hard edge to his voice.  He couldn’t and wouldn’t lose his spy and Potion Master to a teenager.

“I’m going to see my son” Severus said before storming out of the office and making his way to his son’s chambers, hoping to calm down.

“Albus!”  Lily yelled but was cut off by Marae.

“You shall pay in spades” with those words Marae left as well to go and see if her grandson was alright.

~Meanwhile at Harry’s and Draco’s Chambers~


“Mine!” Draco said once as he dragged Harry through the common room where the rest of the group sat stunned with the look on Draco’s face.  They didn’t hear the response that Harry made, for when Harry began to respond the door was slammed shut and silencing charms went to place.  Once the door was closed Draco slammed Harry against the bed and began to rip off his clothes.  It was a moan that drove Draco to the point of making the clothes disappear from there body with a wave of his hand.


“Mine” Draco growled out again before attacking his mate’s body.


“Draco” Harry moaned out wondering on if Draco would stop taking his sweet time and get inside him already.


“Love” Draco growled out before pushing two slick fingers into Harry.


“Oh” Harry breathed out due to him being semi-lose from the time hours before.


“You like that my own?”  Draco asked as he continued to prepare Harry.


“Yesssssss” Harry hissed out when Draco slowly began to guide him self into Harry’s waiting body and sucked on the hollow of Harry’s throat.


“They shall not take you away” Draco said with the same growl he had since they arrived.  From there Draco pumped into Harry, long and hard and when they both reached their peaks at the same time they noticed this time around, a golden light envelop them.


“What is that?” Harry said but not getting a response from Draco due to him searching Harry face for something.


“Mine” Draco said once more and latched back on the taug that was now a dark purple due to Draco sucking and biting on it so much.


“Draco” Harry said trying to pull his husband away from what he was doing and focusing on the light that was still there.


“Mine” Draco said again, and Harry decided to answer to see if that would break him out of the trance he seemed to be in.


“Yours always” when Harry said those words, he noticed that Draco’s gaze sort of cleared.


“Casia?”  Draco asked confused on what had happened, but if being naked and a sated but worried looking Harry was any indication things were pretty okay.


“Draco” Harry said in relief.


“Look” Harry said pointing at the light that was now slowly fading from the room.


“What is that?”  Draco said turning to his mate and wondering if maybe he knew.


“I have no idea; I think it sort of showed up while we were making love.”  Harry said blushing at talking about sex with Draco.  It had been a taboo topic at the Dursley’s and it seemed that people in the magical world weren’t as worried over things, but Harry didn’t want his sex life on the front page of the Daily Prophet that was for sure.


“Must have something to do with the bond then” Draco said pulling his mate to him due to wanting to feel that his mate was alive and safe.  After a moment of silence Draco asked the question that had been on his mind since the meeting in the office fell apart.


“What are we going to do?”


“We are leaving, I may be headmaster but I can’t handle that right now.  The headmaster will do anything to get us apart, you saw that, but I won’t allow that to happen and to allow for that not to happen we need to leave.  Go to the manor or a property that my family owns, I don’t care but we have to go.”  Harry said looking at his mate’s face to see if he would have to fight his point on this one.


“Alright love” Draco said hugging his mate and then began to get out of bed to get dressed and tell the others of the plan.  Harry and Draco opened the bedroom door to see the faces of both their families with worried looks on their faces.  As soon as they saw the smug look on Draco’s face and the deep blush on Harry’s face, they knew that things were fine.


“Son” Severus said before stepping forward and checking to make sure that his son really was alright.  The first thing that Severus saw was the taug and it’s deep purple color.


“Does it hurt?”  Severus asked as he brushed a finger over it.  That proved to be a bad idea, for as soon as he brushed it Draco began to growl out the word, “mine” over and over and over again.


“I’m fine dad, but don’t do that again” Harry said with a concerned look on his face for this father.  Severus nodded and stepped back as he watched his son tilt his head to the side showing the taug to Draco.  Draco latched on as soon as Harry had tilted his head.


“Aaaah” Harry said in a bit of pain, due to Draco biting the taug, after a moment Draco broke the connection he had on Harry’s neck before glaring at Severus.


“Mine” he said and then took Harry’s hand in his and intertwined their fingers.


“Yours” Harry said before looking at his father with an apologetic look on his face.  Severus saw the look and nodded his head, he now knew better than to touch the taug that was on Harry’s neck.


“Son” Severus said again wanting to know what his son was thinking now that the headmaster’s intentions were made clear.


“Let’s sit” Harry said making his way over to the couch so that he and Draco could sit together.  Draco sat first and then pulled Harry down in his lap, due to the bond still being as new and as powerful as it was, Draco couldn’t seem to leave Harry alone when they were in the same room.  Harry just shook his head at his husband’s actions and waited for the others to find seats so that they could discuss the course of action they needed to take.


“As most of you saw, the headmaster isn’t above getting rid of me so that Natalie Potter may bond herself to a powerful Veela.”  Harry said explaining what the headmaster was really doing in his office when they were there.


“So what do we do?” Neville asked still being in the room with Luna and happy to be included for he thought of Harry as a younger brother, due to Harry’s small size.


“We leave” Harry said succinctly.


“We leave?”  Lucius said looking around the room, to see if anyone would disagree.


“Yes dad” Draco said before continuing to speak.


“I will not allow my mate’s life or my own to be dictated by some old fool that feels that his way of thinking is the right way of thinking.”


“I can understand that Draco, really I can but don’t you see that he could spin this to where he could have the public demand not only Harry’s arrest but your bonding to Natalie Potter?”  Lucius said thinking of what could happen if the two did leave, both Harry and Draco knew he was right but they just couldn’t take what the headmaster was doing lying down; they would fight and fight hard to get what they wanted and that was each other.


“We understand” both Draco and Harry acknowledged before they broke off the conversation with something a bit more uplifting, the visit to the Elven Kingdom for the holidays.  It was late that night that the four students went to bed getting ready for the day ahead that would prove interesting.  Draco awoke to see his little mate circled into a ball facing him.


“Oh my own what are you doing?”  Draco asked as he pulled Harry to him and warmed up the cool body that was next to him.  Harry had always seemed to have a problem staying warm at night and Draco had made sure that he was always warm but with the drama of the day before, he had forgotten to make sure that Harry was safely in his arms so that he could stay warm.  Once in Draco’s arms Harry began to uncurl and mold himself to Draco’s body.


“So silly” Draco said before laying a kiss on Harry’s forehead and closing his eyes for more sleep, they were both woken up by the big bang that came from the common room.


“What was that?”  Harry asked Draco wondering if his mate had any ideas.


“No clue” Draco said getting out of bed and glaring at Harry as he tried to make his way with Draco.


“Stay” Draco said still glaring at Harry.


“No, I’m coming”


“No you are not, just wait” Draco said pointing to the bed and then turning around once Harry pouted his way back in the bed.  Harry was secretly glad that someone was taking care of him and cared that he was not in harms way and by the bang there could be some sort of harm out in the common room.  Draco opened the door to see a sour faced Severus Snape talking to one of the founders.


“Uncle Sev?”  Draco said coming closer to the man and the painting.  It was while the painting began speaking again that the bang came.


“What in Circe is going on?”  Marae marched out of her room with her robe flowing behind her.


“I was just getting the details from Lady Hufflepuff” Severus said pointing to the blonde in the painting.


“Then continue” Marae said with her arms crossed over her chest.


“The old fool wants in and is doing anything he can to get in.  The castle is not particularly happy with what he is doing” Lady Hufflepuff said with a decidedly evil grin.  It was at this time that the three of them heard a yell from Draco’s and Harry’s room.


“Casia!”  All three yelled before throwing open the door and being met with Harry sitting on the bed with Fawkes walking around on the bed and taking a perch next to Harry.


“Fawkes?!”  Severus said astonished that Fawkes was in the room and not with the headmaster.  The bird turned and looked at Severus before bowing his head to the Potion Master and then turning around and jumping closer to Harry.  Harry on the other had scooted back just a bit as Fawkes jumped closer.


“What’s going on?”  Harry asked eyeing the bird wondering if this is some sort of trick that the headmaster was playing with him.


“Well it seems that this bird “Fawkes” as chosen you to be his new master.”  Lord Slytherin said from a painting with only grass in it.


“How?  He’s the headmaster’s” Harry said before his face lighting up at the idea.


“The headmaster’s and I am the headmaster, right?”  Harry asked the bird, and the bird nodded in response.


“Neat” Harry said making all the others in the room laugh at Harry’s choice of words.


“It is decidedly “neat” as you say Crowned Prince Casia” Slytherin said with an amused look on his face.


“The old fool won’t like that one bit” Marae said smug in the thought that the headmaster would soon see the errors of his ways, by choosing that twit as the savior of the wizarding world.  The other three laughed before breaking up and going to their rooms to get ready for the day.  As Draco closed the door he noticed that Harry had a look on concentration on face.


“Love?” Draco said getting closer to his mate, before another bang brought him back out into the common room with Marae and Severus.


“What do we do?”  Draco asked concerned that his mate was in harm’s way.


“Well he wants to be let in” Lady Ravenclaw said with a smug that would send even the Dark Lord running.


“So we let him in?”  Draco said with a growl due to his protective nature coming out.


“Oh we let him all right, but we make sure that he knows that he is dealing with royalty” Lady Ravenclaw said with a huge smile on her face as the castle made changes to the common room to make it look more like the Elven Royalty and Veelan Royalty lived there.


“You like” Lady Ravenclaw said with Lord Slytherin standing next to her.


“Very nice” Lord Slytherin said which brought the attention of others that had now arrived to him.  Lucius’ mouth hung open looking at the founder of the Slytherin house.


“Flies dear” Narcissa said to her husband.


“But, but, but” Lucius said pointing at the painting that held the two founders.


“I know dear, look at where you are and who you are talking to” Narcissa said with a smirk.  She sometimes wondered if her husband was a “true blonde” as the muggles said; for he had moments of true stupidity that only a blonde seemed to have.


“Right” Lucius said coming back to himself and now standing proud as a proper Malfoy should.


“Where is Casia?”  Narcissa said looking around the room and not seeing the small man.

“In the bedroom” Draco said before making his way over to the room to bring Harry out so that they could make a show of things.  Another bang was heard and all the others in the room made ready to receive the headmaster.  Draco swung open the door and was met with a proud standing Harry and Fawkes sitting on his shoulder.


“Love” Draco said in awe of his mate.


“Yours” Harry said titling his head to the side.  Harry found that being submissive to Draco was an odd but amazing thing.


“My own” Draco said sucking lightly on the taug that painted the flesh on Harry’s neck.  After a final kiss to the taug Draco walked out with his husband on his arm.


“Casia” Marae and Severus said due to the amazing look.


“Dad, grandmamma” Harry said smiling at them both, he was so glad that he now had a family.


“Ready?”  Lady Ravenclaw asked the group that now sat perched on the furniture looking as if they owned the place.  Harry sat in Draco’s lap while Fawkes sat on the couch next to the two, Neville and Luna on the other hand sat near the pair talking about the coming school year.  Severus sat close by talking to Casoryl, Narcissa and Lucius about the affairs of the wizarding world.  Marae was the one that had decided to greet the old coot.


“Ready” they all said from their positions before beginning to speak about their chosen topic.  With that Lady Ravenclaw allowed the protection charms and locking spells that surrounded the chambers to drop so that the headmaster could enter.  When he entered he came with the Potter’s, for he wanted to get this whole mess about Draco and his mate cleared up.  Which really meant that he was going to bond Natalie to the Veela and be done with it, for maybe then she could focus on her training better; her inheritance hadn’t increased her powers as he thought that it would but it seemed that Harry had something going on and he wondered on if he was leaching his sister powers onto him.


“Harry, my boy” the headmaster said before taking in the surrounding around him.  As he looked around he noticed that there were royal elven symbols on a few tapestries that lined the walls.  Dumbledore’s eyes darted around the room quickly before meeting the eyes of Marae.


“Can we help you with something?”  Marae said in the calmest voice she could muster, and that was a stretch since the woman wanted to kill the man that had hurt her grandson so.  This man would deserve everything that he got when the final conflict came.


“I’m looking for Harry and Draco” the headmaster said to the woman looking her in the eyes to see if he could see anything in her mind.  He drew back a bit when he hit a huge wall.


“What for?”  Marae said with a smirk on her face now, for she knew that the headmaster was trying to read her mind and hit a wall due to her Elven blood.


“I would like to clear up the bond with Mr. Malfoy, things were a bit heated in my office and I think we have both calmed down to speak about this rationally.”  The headmaster said trying to sound like he was in control of the situation.


“They are over there” Marae said pointing to where the four students sat talking quietly.


“Ah, thank you” the headmaster said before making his way over to the group with the Potter’s hot on his heels.


“Harry, Mr. Malfoy” the headmaster said frowning at where Harry was seated.


“Headmaster” the group said in acknowledgment.


“May we speak alone about the bond” the headmaster said trying to get the two alone so that he could fix the problem with the bond.


“Sure” they said before Draco stood before Harry could, making Draco hold onto Harry after he was up right, then after making a moments pause Draco let Harry’s feet touch the group.  Harry giggled and then blushed due to Draco’s caring nature even in front of the headmaster and his “family”.


“Right this way” Draco said leading the way with Harry in front of him so that the headmaster couldn’t do anything to his mate.  A few short steps later had the headmaster, the Potter’s, Harry and Draco standing at the door.


“Will this due?”  Draco said opening the door and letting the headmaster look inside.


“Splendid” the headmaster said with a twinkle in his eyes, his plan was going smoother than he thought.


“After you then” Draco said holding onto his mate and looking at the group that just entered.


“Dad” Harry called softly, but brought Severus running to his son side.


“Come with” Harry asked timidly, he still had moments where he found it hard to believe that he had a family that loved him.


“Of course, do you want grandmamma and grandpappa to come as well?”


“Yes, please” Harry said smiling at his dad and making himself comfortable for a short wait while Severus got the two other requested.


“Casia” Casoryl and Marae said before smiling at their grandson.


“Lets go” Harry said making his way in the room with his family.


“Harry, Mr. Malfoy are these people necessary?”  The headmaster said with a hint of anger in his voice.


“You brought the Potter’s we bring the people we want” Draco said standing firm on this.


“I don’t feel that…..” the headmaster never got to finish the statement, because Casoryl speaking.


“Take it or leave it old man”


“Fine” the headmaster said breaking on his resolve to not allow anyone to defend the two.  The man that just spoke reeked of power and the headmaster wasn’t stupid enough to anger a powerful person.


“Lets sit” the headmaster said pointing to the chairs and couch that sat in the room.  Draco made a bee line for the couch but when Natalie Potter sat there looking at Draco with lust filled eyes he changed his path to a large winged back chair.   Draco sat and then pulled Harry down with him.


“Mr. Malfoy” the headmaster said frowning even more.


“This is where he stays” Draco said making the old man even for angry.


“Mr. Malfoy”


“Take it or we leave this room”


“Fine” the headmaster ground out, this was not going according to plan.


“Well as you all know we are here to talk about the bond between Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Potter” the headmaster said his eyes twinkling now that he had control of the floor, so to speak.


“There is no bond” Draco said before tightening his hold on Harry for a moment.


“Mr. Malfoy” the headmaster said in a disapproving manner.


“Now as I was saying the bond between Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Potter should be taken care of at the earliest convenience.”


“Then you shall have to dispose of her because I’m not going to touch that twit” Draco said getting angry that the headmaster had the gall to say that he was going to force a bond.


“Well” Lily Potter said sitting on the couch that Natalie had taken a seat on in hopes of sitting next to her mate.  She had waited long enough to get him and she wasn’t going to let her defective brother have her bonded.


“Listen” Casoryl said again gaining the attention of all; he had, had enough of this old man telling his grandson and his husband what to due.


“I thought we were here to talk about the bond.  You will *not* tell either of those boys what to do. The girl is not Draco’s mate, she needs to get over it and move on.  I am tired of hearing her whine in my presence and I don’t want to see her any time soon so shut the twit up and make her move on.”  Casoryl said looking at the four that sat across the room from him.  He could see the anger on both the Potter’s face but the girl seemed to have blocked out her hearing for she had the continual lustful stare.


“Sir that was not really necessary, for I have found a solution to all of our problems.”


“And that would be” Marae said looking at the man before her with suspicion.


“Well I have researched it and there is a spell that will tell us of Draco’s true mate” Dumbledore said with his eyes twinkling.  Marae glanced to the Potter’s and noticed a smug look on their faces, this just added to her suspicion of the man.  They were going to try something with that spell, and she had no doubt that it was to bond that girl to Draco.  She smirked though for she had no doubt in her mind that he grandson and his husband had consummated their bond, which allowed any bonding spells to be repelled with an interesting result.


‘Oh this will be good’ Marae thought as she wondered on what the family would due once they found out that their esteemed headmaster was an idiot with a power trip.


“Sure go ahead” Marae said before turning to her grandson and Draco.  She winked and made sure to convey that things would be alright, every one relaxed with her unspoken words.  With that Draco picked Harry up and placed him in the seat that he had currently been in.


“Well” Draco said standing before the headmaster.




“Now Natalie if you could just come and stand here so that your magic my be in the area” the headmaster said trying to get Natalie as close to the Veela as possible.


“I don’t like that” Harry said looking at his mate and then Natalie.


“It’s alright my boy” the headmaster said with a dismissive air.  Soon the headmaster had his wand in his hand and began to chant an old bonding spell that would bond the two for life.  A bright blue light shot out of the wand and landing square on Draco’s chest.  Once the bright blue light went through Draco it began to search for the mate of Draco.  Natalie stood with excitement in her body, as the bright light drew closer.  As the light drew closer Harry’s heart began to sink, he really wasn’t the mate of Draco.  A tear leaked out of Harry’s eyes as the light shot into Natalie, once the light was in her Harry let out a quiet sod and closed his eyes.  It was then that he missed the light shooting out of Natalie and flying over toward Harry.  Harry soon felt a warm sensation in his body and looked up.  There standing in front of him was his mate with a concerned look on his face.


“Alright there love?”  Draco said before kissing Harry and then turning back around to deal with the headmaster.


“And what do you think you were doing?  Did you really think that your “spell” would bond me to that twit?”


“Mr. Malfoy” the headmaster said angry and a bit scared due to what was happening.


“We leave” Draco said going back over to his mate to reassure him.  He could feel that pain that was still deep inside his mate for not being wanted.


“My own” Draco said touching the band on Harry’s hand.


“Yours always” Harry said smiling up at Draco before standing and kissing his husband.


“Headmaster do something” Natalie said before stomping over to the couch and then throwing herself down.  The headmaster stood for a moment before making his way over to the Potter’s.  It was a few minutes later that had the headmaster and the Potter’s grinning.


“Mr. Malfoy” the headmaster said as he watched Draco carry Harry toward the door.


“What?”  Draco growled out, his mate needed him and this old mad man was keeping him for taking care of him mate.


“You may not take Mr. Potter anywhere off Hogwarts property without authorization from the Potter’s, and the Potter’s are currently not allowing Harry off the grounds.”  The headmaster said cheerful that they were not leaving due to the Potter’s making Harry stay.  Draco clenched his teeth, but was drawn out of his anger by Harry.


“Jhyli, don’t do that it will make your teeth hurt” Harry said with a smile on his face.  He knew that they wouldn’t be able to leave as soon as the headmaster had entered the room.


“Love” Draco said before smiling at Harry and then speaking to the headmaster.


“That is fine, Harry needs rest.  Good day headmaster” with those words Draco strolled out of the room with Harry in his arms and Severus at his side to make sure that his son was alright.


“Well headmaster” Marae said as she pushed the group outside the chambers.


“Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy both will need to stay in their dorms.”  The headmaster said knowing he had them on his.


“Actually headmaster, since the pair is bonded they have bonded quarters and these are it” Lucius said since he knew the rules and regulations of Hogwarts.  The headmaster could only nod his head since he knew that Lucius was correct.


“Well good day then” the headmaster said before the painting was slammed shut behind the last member of the party.


“The nerve of that man!”  Marae spoke with her hands on her hips, she was glad that they had left when they did for she wasn’t real sure on if she would have been able to hold back much longer.  The group that sat outside the bedroom where Harry, Draco and Severus were sat quietly wondering on if everything was going well inside the room.

~Inside Draco’s and Casia’s Bedroom~

“Casia” Draco said kissing his mate all over the face.  Harry just smiled as his mate hovered over him like a mother dragon.

“Draco, I’m fine” Harry said with humor in his voice.  His father had just gotten done doing the same thing and Harry had to wonder if it was an unspoken agreement that they would do this to him.

“But, but…..” Draco said seeing the humor twinkling in his mate’s eyes.

“Fine” Draco huffed before sitting on the bed and dragging Harry into his lap.

“He needs rest Draco” Severus said with a frown on his face. 

“I don’t need rest” Harry said pouting because every time something bad happened they put him to bed.  Both Severus and Draco shared a look before deciding that Harry was right and that keeping him in bed would do nothing for him.

“Fine” they both said which made Harry jump out of the bed and make his way to the door.

“I love you both to pieces, but I can’t stay in bed all the time.”  Harry said before opening the door and leaving two stunned people in his wake.  Harry arrived to see his grandmamma pacing and the Malfoy’s watching as she planned out a painful death for the headmaster.

“Grandmamma” Casia said as he made his way over to Marae.

“Casia what were they doing in there to you, holding you hostage?”  Marae said as the two in question walked out with a shocked look on their face.

“What got to them?”  Marae whispered into Harry’s ear.

“I told them that I loved them, I think” Harry said before giggling and then making his way over to where Neville and Luna sat near the fire planning out something.

“Hey” Harry said walking up on them and seeing the blush on both their faces, and getting Luna to blush was no small task.

“Hi Casia” Luna said her voice for once not taking on a dreamy quality to it.

“What are you planning?”  Harry said trying to sneak a peek at the parchment that Neville and Luna had been writing on.

“Ummm” Neville started only for Luna to finish for him.

“Neville and I are getting bonded and we were planning it”

“Oh” Harry said his interest really peeked.

“Yeah, do you think your grandmamma would come?”  Luna said smiling at the look of happiness on Harry’s face.

“Of course, we would all love to come no questions asked.”  Harry said before starting to help plan the bonding ceremony with Neville and Luna.  Soon Draco came over as well and helped make plans.  All too soon it was time for the four to turn in due to the next day being the first day of classes that not only Harry and Draco were dredging as well as Severus and the soon to be Longbottom clan.

            The next morning dawned cool and crisp for the four students.  Harry was woken up by a sucking on his neck.

“Draco” Harry moaned as Draco nipped a bit at the taug before getting out of bed and getting ready for the day.  Harry stayed in bed for a while longer before making his way to the bathroom with Draco still in the shower.  ‘They could have some fun before classes couldn’t they?’ Harry thought as he entered the shower stall that held his husband.

“My own” Draco said putting his arms around his mate.

“Jhyli” Harry said in greeting before trying to take a shower.

“Oh no you don’t” Draco said pulling the washcloth away from Harry and pushing him against a wall and kissing him passionately.  After a moment that the two decided they needed air, Draco began to trial kisses along his mate’s neck and chest.

“More” Harry gasped out as Draco landed on his knees and began to lick and kiss Harry’s hard member.  Harry then almost fell to the ground when Draco’s lips closed around the member making Harry scream in pleasure.

“Draco, in me now” Harry said not wanting to explode before Draco was fully sheathed inside of him.

“As you wish, my own” Draco said before standing back up and turning Harry around to prepare him for his cock.

“Now” Harry said after a few minutes where it seemed to Harry that Draco was torturing him.

“As you wish” Draco said before guiding his member inside of Harry.  Draco started out slow and sweet but lost control when Harry screamed that he wanted it harder and Draco was more than willing to obey.  A few minutes later both Harry and Draco were screaming out each other’s name as they climaxed.

“Wow” Harry said as he sat on the ground of the shower.

“I must agree” Draco said before he too followed his mate to sit on the floor, both had their eyes closed and never noticed a lavender light that surrounded Harry for a minute before disappearing and leaving Harry with a fluttering feeling in his stomach.

“Ready” Draco said after he had regained his bearings.

“Yeah” Harry said before being helped up by Draco.  They then dried off and got ready for the first day of classes.  When they exited their rooms they were met by Neville and Luna.

“Ready?”  Harry asked them, and they nodded their heads in a positive.

“And so it begins” Harry said before the four of them made their way to the Great Hall for breakfast.  When they arrived Harry was greeted to a yelling Hermione Granger.

“Harry!  Where have you been, we have been worried sick about you.”  Hermione said with her hands on her hips and stating what she just said in a pompous air.

“I’m pretty sure you knew where I was” Harry said rolling his eyes at Hermione.

“Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me!”  Hermione said before trying to grab Harry and make him sit at the Gryffindor table, Draco stopped her.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“Taking Harry away from you, because I know you did something to him and I won’t allow for it to continue happening.” Hermione said grabbing for Harry again.

“I would advise against that Granger” Draco said calmly but Harry, Neville and Luna knew that it was a precursor to something bad that would happen if she didn’t stop.

“And what are you going to do to Malfoy?  I am a prefect” Hermione said puffing out her chest to show off the badge that was pinned there.

“And I care because?”  Draco said pulling Harry closer to him.

“Get away from him!”  Hermione said before she was joined by Ron.

“Weasel” Draco said wondering what they were going to try to do, now that Ron was there.

“Mate?”  Ron said looking at Harry for an explanation, Hermione decided to cut in and tell him anyway.

“Malfoy won’t leave Harry alone” Hermione said now smug in the knowledge that Ron would do something about it.

“Harry?”  Ron said looking confused as to why Neville and Luna were with them.

“What do you want?”  Harry said snapping at the two in front of him.

“What are they doing with you and Malfoy?”  Ron said pointing to Neville and Luna.

“Is that a concern of yours?”  Draco said before taking Harry’s hand and trying to make their way over to a small table that had appeared in the last few minutes when they were fighting with Hermione and Ron.

“Malfoy stay away from Harry” Hermione said pulling out her wand and getting ready to throw a curse.

“I would advise you to put that away Ms. Granger, and twenty points from Gryffindor.”  Severus said strolling up to the group and breaking up the scene before making his way to the head table.  Draco took this as a perfect time for the both of them to make their way over to the table.  By the time that Hermione and Ron had gotten their bearings back from the point taking, Harry was no longer in front of them but making his way with Draco to the unoccupied table.

“Harry” Hermione now said in exasperation.

“Granger” Harry finally answered, he didn’t know what was going on but he knew damn well that Hermione and Ron were not his friend.

“Harry” Hermione said putting a hurt look on her face.

“Don’t even try and act hurt” Harry said while Draco piled Harry’s plate with food.  His husband was still too thin for his own good and that was with him staying at the manor for the rest of the summer.

“Harry, what’s going on?”  Hermione said trying to get information out of Harry.

“You didn’t seem to care about me on the train, what happened?”  Harry said tilting his head to the side and making Draco moan in the process since the taug was in full view.

“Harry we looked for you on the train, we didn’t know that was you.”  Hermione said getting angry now that Harry wasn’t properly responding to her chastising manner.

“What the bloody hell is that?!”  Ron screamed while pointing to Harry’s neck.

“Whatever” Harry said before making his way over to where Draco had the pile of food waiting for him.

“I can’t eat all this” Harry said pointing to his plate.

“You eat as much as you can, but at least half of it better be gone” Draco said as he tucked into his breakfast.  Hermione was just about to speak when Hagrid came into the Great Hall with a loud boom.

“Hagrid” both Hermione and Ron said, now thinking that the half giant would talk some sense into Harry.

“Ron, Hermione” Hagrid said before looking around the Great Hall for Harry and spotting him at the table with Draco, Neville and Luna.

“Harry” Hagrid called out to Harry.

“Be right back” Harry said before getting up and making his way over to his huge friend.

“Hagrid” Harry said smiling up at the large man.

“Yer lookin’ different” Hagrid said pointing out the obvious.

“Yeah” Harry said laughing a bit due to Hagrid pointing out the fact.  Hermione and Ron saw this as an opportunity to pump Harry for information.

“Harry is Malfoy doing something to you?”  Hermione whispered looking concerned.  Harry just ignored her in favor of talking to Hagrid.

“I got something special that I think yer will like Harry” Hagrid said before starting to talk about his summer travels and the lengths it took to get the beast that he had.  Harry only hopped that the beast went willingly, because if he didn’t he would have to talk to Hagrid about taking animals out of their habitats just because the headmaster requested him to, or he thought he could take care of it.

“See yer in class” Hagrid said before making his way out the way he came in.  After Hagrid began to leave Harry began to make his way over to the table where Draco sat looking at his mate with a smile on his face.

“Harry” Ron and Hermione both said grabbing him and walking him over to the Gryffindor table.  Harry tried to break free, but with their strong grips he wasn’t able to break free.  Ron continued to hold Harry to the table while Hermione and Natalie rambled on about the day’s classes and what they thought Hagrid had.  It wasn’t more than two minutes later that a livid Draco Malfoy made his way over to the Gryffindor table to retrieve his husband.  As he got closer though Natalie Potter began to primp for his arrival, Harry could only roll his eyes at the girl and the fool she was making of her self.

“Draco” Natalie said in a voice that sounded like nails on chalkboard.  Harry thought that Pansy’s voice was bad, this girl made Pansy’s voice sound like a symphony to Harry’s elven ears.

“Potter” Draco said before going around standing at his husband’s back and whispering into his ear.

“Say you have to go to the bathroom” Draco said before running a hand over the taug and then leaving the Great Hall.

“Well” Natalie huffed due to Draco not taking any notice in her.

“Guys, I have to go to the bathroom” Harry said not waiting for a reply, he got up and he too left the Great Hall as well.  He knew that Neville and Luna would fill them in on anything pertinent at lunch time.  Harry made it three steps out of the Great Hall before he was pulled into the strong waiting arms of his mate.

“Jhyli” Harry said laughing at Draco as he nuzzled the taug.

“My own” Draco said his voice full of love.

“If I didn’t know any better I would say that you have a fetish with my taug” Harry said laughing at Draco as he continued to nuzzle the taug in question.

“I do” Draco said before latching onto it and making Harry gasp at the pleasure.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way” Harry said before breaking the contact and making Draco walk down toward Hagrid’s hut.

“Harry” Harry heard as he and Draco made it to the front doors of Hogwarts.  Harry could only sigh before turning around.


“Get away from him” Hermione and Natalie said pointing to Draco, but for very different reasons.

“Why would I do that?”  Harry asked now wondering what “plan” the headmaster had come up with to keep control over him.

“He’s mine” Natalie said puffing up when she said it.

“He’s dangerous” Hermione said trying to smooth things over with Harry so that she could report back to the headmaster and finally be let into the Order of the Phoenix.

“Whatever” Harry said grabbing Draco’s hand and then making his way out of the front doors and down to Hagrid’s hut where the first class of the day was to be held.

“What do you think he has?”  Harry asked Draco, hoping it wasn’t anything dangerous.

“With him, who knows” Draco said shuttering at the times that he had been on the receiving end of one of Hagrid’s beasts.

“Yeah” Harry said while walking to the clearing by Hagrid’s hut where Hagrid stood smiling.

“Harry” Hagrid said before being cut off by Natalie Potter walking up to them and stating loudly that she would have no problems with the class since she was a natural beast speaker.  Both Harry and Draco raised their eyebrows at that wondering if she was telling the truth or not.

“Class, I gotta special treat for yer” Hagrid said once class had begun formally.

“Goddess help us” Pansy said making Crabbe and Goyle, the only people laughing.  Most knew now that Harry and Draco seemed to be together that crossing either of them about their friends or people they liked would end badly for them and not the other two.

“Parkinson” Draco said his voice carrying a warning that if she didn’t shut her mouth she wouldn’t have one to use in the near future.  Pansy’s heard the warning loud and clear, and with a nod she shut up and Hagrid was able to continue on with the lesson.

“Can anyone tell me what a dark unicorn is?”  Hagrid said looking around the group and hoping that at least one person knew what a dark unicorn was.  The only person who raised their hand was Draco; Harry was stunned that Hermione hadn’t raised her hand on this one.  She looked just as confused as most of the rest of the group that stood there in the warm autumn day.

“Mr. Malfoy” Hagrid said with respect in his voice for the teen.

“A dark unicorn is the brother to the light unicorn.  It has been said that darn unicorns only surface during times of Great War between the light and dark magical worlds.  It has also been said that dark unicorns only answer to the Royal Elves that have been stated to be extinct.”  Draco said with no smugness in his voice, he saw by the look on his husband’s face that he was truly interested and that made Draco all the more happy to impart the knowledge to those present because in all actuality Draco was only speaking to Harry.

“Correct Mr. Malfoy and 20 points to Slytherin” Hagrid said before he disappeared for a moment, giving an opportunity for Natalie Potter to speak which was never a good thing.

“I knew that, but I wanted to see who else knew and of course Draco did……”

“Potter, shut it” Draco snapped before tuning her out as she continued on about how great she was to any one that would listen.  Harry soon asked a few questions in a whisper so that no one else could hear what they were saying.  Both Ron and Hermione were glaring at the two, both for very different reasons though.  Hagrid soon returned with a large black winged horse following him with out a lead, which in most of the class’ opinion was a bad thing.

“Beautiful” Harry said breathless at the animal standing before the class.  Draco could only nod his head in agreement; before they were broken out of the trance like state by yet again Natalie Potter’s screeching voice.

“That thing is horrible looking” Natalie said her voiced filled with disgust, both Harry and Draco turned to her and had to wonder what planet she was on but if the looks the others were giving the unicorn they agreed.  Harry and Draco were just about to say something when the unicorn caught sight of Harry and bowed down onto its front two feet.  Hagrid looked amazed as Draco got a smirk on his face.  It was then that Natalie piped up as if she knew what the unicorn was doing.

“It *must* know who I am” Natalie said to everyone before making her way over to the unicorn.  Harry could only wonder what would happen if the twit got close enough, as she got closer the unicorn took on a decidedly nasty look on its face.

“Ummm, I wouldn’t do that” Harry said trying to warn her.  She of course didn’t listen but she did turn around to tell Harry to butt out.  Once she had made it within ten feet of the unicorn, it reared up and began to lash out at her.  She was lucky that Hagrid happen to be standing next to her because if he hadn’t been since would have been dead “Girl-Who-Lived”.

“That beast” Natalie said with a slight tremble in her voice.  Harry could only roll his eyes at her.

“Now Ms. Potter” Hagrid said trying and failing to get Natalie to listen to him.  It was at the point where neither of the boys could take it any longer.

“You insulted it” Draco said remembering all too well the time that he had insulted another beast with worse consequences.

“What?!”  She screeched before Hagrid took control of the class again and explained that dark unicorns were very complex creatures.  It was as the class was going to be let out that Hagrid called Harry and Draco over.

“Now which one o’ yer has the blood?”  Hagrid said looking at the changed two young men in front of him.  When Hagrid spoke those words a smirk came across Draco’s face as his mate blushed for all he was worth.

“Harry” Hagrid said before Harry spoke.

“Came into my inheritance this summer” Harry mumbled while looking down at the ground.  He still some times thought that he was a freak for changing into an elf.

“Good” Hagrid said which made Harry’s head come up and look into the giant’s eyes to see truth sparkling in them.  With that being said both Draco and Harry left with a slip from Hagrid for being late to their next class which was Defense against the Dark Arts.

“So who do you think it will be this time?”  Draco said to Harry while they made their way to class holding hands and talking.

“Couldn’t tell you, but I wouldn’t put it pass the headmaster to make James Potter the professor.”  Harry said sneering at the name and wondering on if his grandmamma and grandpappa would be angry if he took Draco’s last name.

“I think you may be right, as if one pompous wind bag isn’t enough we have another.”  Draco said right as they arrived to the door to the classroom.

“Ready?”  Draco said not at all apposed to going to their chamber for this class.

“As I’ll ever be” Harry said opening the door, which drew the attention away from James Potter as he spoke.

“Mr. Malfoy……Harry” James spat out as if the name tasted horrible in his mouth.

“Professor” they both said before taking a seat after giving the note that Hagrid wrote for them.

“Now as I was saying before I was interrupted…..” and with that James Potter droned on for twenty minutes before deciding to “test” the students to see what level they were at.  As each pair finish you could hear Natalie is the back gloating to Hermione and Ron about how much better she was at dueling.

“Natalie and Harry” James said smug that his daughter was going to fight the supposed “mate” of the boy his daughter wanted.

“Good luck, my own” Draco whispered into Harry’s ear.  Having already gone and mopping the floor with Ron, the red head in question was glaring still at Draco for the horrible loss.  Harry nodded his head before making his way to the center of the room where his sister stood her arms crossed over her chest.

“Now I will teach you a lesson” Natalie said before nodding to her father for him to begin the duel. 

“Begin” James said and watched as Harry pulled and shot off a hex before Natalie even had a chance to bring her wand out.  The duel lasted 30 seconds more before Harry had Natalie’s wand in hand while she lay on the ground glaring at him through a body bind.  With that Harry dropped the wand on the ground and made his way over to Draco to wait for James to assign homework.

“How dare you” Natalie said once she was free of the bind and her father wrote the homework on the board.  Harry just wrote down his homework before they were released for their third class of the dare.  It was then that Ron and Hermione decided to try and move in yet again.

“Harry, mate that was bloody amazing!”  Ron said while walking with Harry and Draco.

“It was not bloody amazing, and I wasn’t prepared I needed more time.” Natalie grumped from next to Ron.  Harry and Draco just laughed as they toured their way to the main hall where Ron, Hermione and Natalie stopped and stared at them.

“Loser, where are you going?”  Natalie called out, wondering if she would be able to get alone with Draco for one minute without her loser brother in the way.

“Potions” Draco stated before making his way down the stairs to the dungeons.

“Harry, we don’t have Potions today” Hermione said happy that she would be able to deal with Harry alone.  She was after all the brains of this outfit and if she didn’t have Harry to back up on things then she would get no where.

“Well Draco has Potions now, and being that I am his mate and husband I have Potions now” Harry said before making to follow Draco.

“Married?!”  All three said as if they were stupid.

“Pretty sure I said that, and you knew it as well.”  Harry said before leaving the three stunned students in the main hall before the bell rang for the next class to begin.  The rest of the day was spent with Harry and Draco avoiding the most of Hogwarts as they wanted to either ask questions or hit on one of the boys, so it was with relief that both arrived to their chambers with a sigh of relief.

“That was horrible” Draco said before pulling Harry into their room for some quality time.

“You’re telling me, you aren’t the one that has to visit with the bumbling old fool after dinner” Harry said stretching out on the bed while Draco gave him a massage.

“Well I am coming with you, no doubt about that” Draco said nodding his head and then beginning to suck on Harry’s neck.

“Good” Harry moaned out, but before anymore could happen Marae was at the door knocking.

“Come out, come out”

“Grandmamma!”  Harry yelled at the door, not wanting to come out just yet.

“It’s dinner time, and we just must make an appearance” her voice sounded through the door with a cheerful ring to it.

“She’s crazy” Draco said straddling Harry’s back as he continued to suck and rub on Harry.

“Come out now, or I will be coming in” she warned which had both boys jumping off the bed and making their way to the door.

“There you are” Marae said as the door opened and Harry came out followed by Draco.

“To dinner we go” Marae said while she made her way to the door and then down to the Great Hall.

“What’s so great about that?”  Harry mumbled under his breath, he didn’t want to go to dinner because he didn’t want to go to the meeting that the headmaster had set up for him.

“Oh pish, posh” Marae said with an evil smirk on her face, she so did enjoy making the headmaster’s life miserable and what she had planned would make the old man’s life hell for awhile.  Once they reached the Great Hall they were met by Ron and Hermione with Ginny on their heels.

“Harry, there you are” Hermione said her tone hinting at disapproval for leaving their side.  Harry only raised his eyebrows in question; he hadn’t known that he was to be at the back and call of this two so-called “friends”.

“Come on, Harry” Hermione said her hands on her hips while tapping her foot.  She had made Ron and Ginny wait for her inside at the table, so that she could “talk” to Harry about his current choices he had made.

“No, I think I like where I am” Harry said while Draco hugged him just a bit closer.

“Harry” Hermione now whined thinking that it would work, since it worked on Ron.

“No” Harry said before making his way with Draco into the Great Hall where Ron and Ginny stood next to the table waving to Harry.

“Are they dumb?”  Draco said watching as Ron stomped over with Ginny hot on his heels.

“Harry!”  Ron said his face red clashing with his ginger colored hair.

“Ron!” Harry said back wondering on what the three had planned for him.  Ron was cut off from his response by Marae.

“Casia, Draco to the table with you” Marae said with a smirk on her face.  She knew that Harry would just *love* what was about to happen.  The three Gryffindor’s weren’t dumb enough to say something after the woman had spoken to Harry and Draco.  Harry and Draco followed after Marae wondering what she had planned for the school; for they knew she was up to something due to the smile on her face.  It was just as Harry and Draco had begun to eat that they noticed a small dragon flying toward the headmaster.

“Grandmamma” Harry said eyeing the dragon and his grandmother.

“Yes?”  Marae asked in the most innocent voice she could, but with the smirk on her face it sort of ruined the effect.  Harry didn’t get a chance to ask her a question due to the headmaster standing up and quieting down the Great Hall.

“Students, students” Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eye.  Once the room had quieted he spoke again.

“It seems that we are to have some visitors in the coming days…” Dumbledore trailed off as the students broke out on who was coming to the school.

“Students” Dumbledore said calling order back to the room.

“The Royal Elves shall arrive in a few days time, I expect” Dumbledore knowing that once they met with Natalie and his self that they would be at the mercy of his power.  It was then that a huge smile broke out on Marae’s face that had everyone near her scared.  Harry knew that bad news was about to be imparted on the headmaster.

“Actually you bumbling old fool, the Royal Elves have arrived and have been present at this school since the day the Hogwarts Express pulled into the station.”  Marae said standing next to her grandson with her husband next to her.

“And how may I ask do you know this information?”  Dumbledore said trying to sound calm, due to the sinking feeling he had in his stomach that he had just done something truly horrible to the Royal Elves.

“Because you old idiot, you are looking at them” with those words Marae sat down and began to eat as if there was nothing wrong.  Harry and Draco followed her lead while the whole rest of the hall watched the group in the back with awe on their faces.

“Harry” Hermione said in disbelief that her backer was more powerful than Natalie Potter.  Harry acted as if he hadn’t heard Hermione’s call for him, since he didn’t feel like fighting about how he was going to help them win the war or something equally as stupid because he was now classed a Royal Elf.

“Harry James Potter, you are to listen to me.  Do you hear me?”  Hermione screamed while the whole hall including the headmaster and the wizarding Potter’s watched on.  It was at this time that Harry broke, he was going to give the buck-toothed, frizzy haired beaver a piece of his mind and he wouldn’t be afraid of what the headmaster would do because he knew that his father and grandparents as well as Draco would kill the man if he even thought about hurting him.

“Beaver Granger, let me explain something to you.  I am not your friend and I will not be dictated to by you, or the whole Weasel family or the old coot sitting in that chair up there.  I am a Royal Elf and I am to be respected, so do know your place and bow to me.”  Harry said with a smirk on his face as he spoke while sitting down.  It was at this time that the people in question got up and made a bee line toward the table.

“I will not have you speaking to me like that” Hermione said ready to curse Harry into submission.

“Well since you feel you can speak to me like that I am only giving as good as I get.”  Harry said wondering what they were going to pull now.

“But I’m better than you!”  Hermione said swinging her wand around frantically for a way to curse Harry without getting killed by those standing by him as he still sat in his seat.

“Beaver you really are too much” Harry said waving his hand and where Hermione once stood now a beaver took up the space.

“What did you do to her?!”  Ron said running toward where Hermione was.

“Nothing” Harry said waving his hand again and changing Ron into a weasel.  It was then that most stopped their forward motion to watch Harry as he waved his hand in the air and made the two fight each other.

“Enough!”  Dumbledore yelled, hoping of scaring Harry to stop what was happening.

“Casia” Marae said knowing that they had created the situation that they had wanted.  Harry nodded his head and then changed Hermione and Ron back.  When they were their former selves, they had cuts on their face and arms.

“Headmaster!”  Hermione said hoping that the headmaster would punish Harry for what he did.

“Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley, Mr. Potter; my office” the headmaster said thinking that he would be getting Harry alone and able to now spell him to obey.  Harry made his way toward the Great Hall’s door with Draco at his side.

“Mr. Malfoy you are not needed” the headmaster said thinking that his word was final.

“And leave my mate with those two and you?  You will have to kill me for that to happen.”  Draco said before walking with Harry to the headmaster’s office.  The headmaster and the others in question could only look at the pair as they made their way to the headmaster’s office.




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